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It's Gay Day!!

Uh, oh!  It's that time of week again!  Is it Wednesday?  Well then, it's GAY DAY!!!


Here is a beautiful rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" performed by the incomparable Rufus Wainwright!!

Sigh .  .  .  .

NEWSFLASH: Karaoke with me Tonight!

On Tynan

A year ago there was something called "Krunkaoke" every wednesday night at a club nearby. I went religiously and became one of the few creepy superstar regulars who dropped hot gangsta classics every Wednesday. The first time I went I was really nervous, but after doing "How We Do" by The Game, I was hooked. Eventually Krunkaoke became too packed (is that possible?), and they cancelled it!

Desperate for a Karaoke fix, I started going to Rain, which is a gay club a couple blocks from where I live. They had a cool light up stage, but the mediocre sound system and guys trying to grab my ass left me looking for alternatives.

Then one night it happened. I was working late and I thought I heard bad singing at the club downstairs. Could it be... Karaoke?

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