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A Week to De-Clutter

I mentioned a couple of posts ago from last week (a post entitled ME TIME) that I want to get rid of a lot of physical clutter from my life.  In fact, I've decided to devote one week out of every month from now on to get rid of clutter. 

Honestly, I don't consider myself to be a messy person.  For the record, the image above is not of my domain.  I just thought it would be appropriate.  Though I have to say that when life gets crazy busy for me, keeping an immaculate home falls lower on the priority list.  I must also concede that I am not good at throwing things away. 

In the past year, I've made great strides towards keeping my home life simple.  I've more or less stopped buying new clothes that I don't need.  Instead, I treasure the clothes that I do have and take care of them.  Once in a blue moon, I'll buy something new, but I make sure that I get rid of an older item to put in it's place. 

Don't Call it a Bucket List

On The Best of Sett

I've always liked the idea of a bucket list. However, it seems that for so many people a bucket list is simply a collection of things they think would be cool; a fantasy list. I want to avoid the idea that my goals are something that I would like to do but may never get around to accomplishing. I intend to complete everything on this list, whether that's within the next year or before I die.

I asked my Facebook friends for their suggestions on what to call my non-bucket list. I liked all the ideas, but Dan wins the prize for most comical with "pail plan" and Kel wins for most meaningful with "experiences yet to be had."

I've settled on calling my non-bucket list the Past:Present:Future list to emphasize that each of my goals is something that I've already accomplished, something that I am currently actively pursuing or something that I will actively pursue in the future. Nothing on the list is simply a dream.

Accepting that my goals will change, the list found on this page will remain untouched and serve as an interesting comparison to any future version of the list. The constantly evolving list can be found here and is organized by past, present and future: Past:Present:Future

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