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Early On a Sunday Morning

Pictured above is Nashville's newly re-opened Schermerhorn Symphony Hall and the beloved home of the Nashville Symphony.  It has been re-opened after more than half of a year's worth of repairs due to the big flood of 2010.  This building is one of my favorite places in Music City. Whoever had the vision to build a world class facility to house a fine and hugely talented orchestra was a genius.  In a corner of the world where country music luminaries rule supreme, I am so proud that there is a home for classical music.

This is a shot of the interior performance hall.  It is a grand and stately masterpiece of a building.  Naturally, the acoustics are spectacular.  There isn't a bad seat in the house in terms of sound.

Buying Art And Other Adventures

On Alfie

Art Works!: The photographer explaining a particular piece to curious visitors during the opening.

Buying art in the Philippines is not surprisingly, a good example of how Filipino society works. In short, you have to use your connections.

A few months ago, one of my good friends decided to come out and start exhibiting his photographs. A Catholic Priest blessed with the resources and hunger for traveling, he has over the course of his travels taken dozens of beautiful photos. He confessed to me that he was hesitant to exhibit his work, worried that none of it was good enough. He eventually got over this and sent out invitations to a few close friends and family.

Art Works!: A sample of his invitation, that would eventually be showcased in a national paper.

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