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Early On a Sunday Morning

It's been a crazy weekend folks.  I spent Friday night at Nashville's Belcourt Theater helping a friend perform at a burlesque show. I actually spent most of the time backstage knitting. Most of Saturday was taken up with helping another friend get her house ready for a Halloween party.  I was in charge of decorating, and I used mannequin parts and red x-mas lights to decorate the main dance room.  I'll have photos soon.  It was pretty wicked. The big event of the weekend was when I my younger sister Lloyda gave birth to a baby boy at Centennial Hospital here in Nashville, TN.  He actually wasn't due until April, but he arrived early nonetheless. My sister is still deliberating on his name. Here he is, all 2 lbs. and 10 ounces of him (14.5 inches)  .  .  . I got to meet him for the first time yesterday in the neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU).  He has the tiniest hands and the tiniest feet.  They're going to keep him there for 10 weeks, and I am going to visit as much as I possibly can. Aside from being born pre-maturely, he's pretty healthy otherwise. I wish I could blog more, but I am off to the hospital for another visit!! More soon. -g

Adoption Journey, Day 12

On The Lunde Adoption Blog 2014

Tonight my parents are celebrating with a glass or two of wine.

Integration went very well. Everyone was happy with the development, and we got answers to some questions we had about the kid's sleep patterns and other habits. Among other things, they told us that his trouble sleeping the first night (and also now and then in the last couple of nights) may be at least in part because he is used to a much warmer climate. In the town he is from, the temperature usually lies around 38 to 40 degrees!

Near the end of the interview my father showed the ICBF people photos from our five days together, and then they asked us if we had had enough time to make up our mind about whether we want to keep the boy or not.

My parents started laughing. The question seemed so absurd. "There's no way you're getting him back now!" my mother said with a big smile, and everybody laughed.

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