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Early On a Sunday Morning

I thought maybe it's time to share a little bit.  So here goes.

1.  My favorite color is yellow. 2.  I hate caramel. 3.  I have a strange weakness for McGriddles from McDonald's. 4.  I use to have a lazy eye when I was a kid.  (I wore a patch on one eye for a while to correct it.   Because of this, I have a way of seeing more than one usualy could at one time.  It's hard to explain.) 5.  I am left-handed at pretty much everything.  (Although, on the piano, my right hand is more dominant since it often carries much of the melody.) 6.  As a teenager, I thought of becoming a priest when I grew up.  I grew out of this ambition very quickly. 7.  Macadamia nut and Oreo cookies are my favorite cookies to eat. 8.  I was a straight-A student all through high school. 9.  The most I've ever won in a lottery is $20.00 from a scratch-off. 10.  I will own a grand piano someday. 11.  I own a modest collection of vinyl records comprised mostly of classical and piano-based music. 12.  I have a collection of Transformer toys--a beautiful and shiny Optimus Prime being my prized possession in the bunch. 13.  I love celebrating my birthday. 14.  The fall and winter are my favorite times of year (which is strange because I grew up in the tropics where there were no seasons). 15.  I try to visit the main library of every city I visit.  This tells a lot about what people value in the area. 16.  I'm honestly not a big fan of current country music.  I do, however, love the old-school variety back when it had more of a rugged soul and substance. 18.  I'd love to meet Marilyn Manson someday and have lunch.  I have a hunch that our conversation would be very intelligent and enjoyable. 19.  If I could, I'd walk everywhere and use mass transit.  Cars often feel like these isolating little bubbles that we travel in.  They disc0nnect us from the broader world outside of our private homes. 20.  My mom eats bananas every day with each meal.  I'm slowly developing the same habit. 21.  My nephews and niece make me smile probably more than I should. 22.  I have a small collection of abstract art that I've made over the years.  I plan on doing an exhibit of them at some point in the future. 23.  I follow the sport of figure skating regularly.  It is one of the growing number of sports that is dominated by Asians on the international level.  Ahh yeahh!!  That's right!! Asian Power! 24.  I love watching live shows--especially other pianists.  I learn so much from this. 25.  My least favorite color is beige.  (It's fine as a neutral color to balance off something more vibrant, but as a stand-alone, it's just bit boring to me.) Well, am I a strange bird?  Sure.  I'm happy to be as strange as I can be. Happy Sunday everyone! -gordo


On Me and My Thoughts

Sushi and I haven't clicked yet. See the thing I like about sushi is the whole thing that it's Japanese not that it's nice. I love Japan and I really want to love sushi.

I had sushi only once and it was in this new sushi place near where I live. I went with my girlfriend and she had sushi before so she was telling what's nice and what's not. I looked at the menu and most of the sushi on the menu was tuna. I don't about other places as I said this was my first time eating sushi but on this menu there was loads of tuna. Well I don't like tuna but I said I'll give it go and try it.

I took the first roll, we got the rainbow rolls. I nearly got sick. I took the tissue when my girlfriend wasn't looking and put the half chewed sushi roll in the tissue. It was not nice at all. But the good thing about that experience in the sushi place was that I got green tea. And me I never had green tea didn't even know what it taste like. I took my first sip and I fell in love with green tea. It was just amazing. After that day I would drink green tea everyday and still today I drink green tea. It's one of my favourite drinks.

But I'm not giving up on sushi I will love it. I want to love it.

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