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50 Precious Things

On this day, November 26, here in America, we celebrate Thanksgiving.  It is a special, national holiday in which we all take the time to embrace all that we have for which we are thankful. Here is a list (which could be much longer) of 50 odds and ends in my life for which I am HUGELY grateful .  .  .  . 1.  My Family 2.  My Mom 3.  My dear friends all over the country (especially the ones in Seattle, Charlotte, and Nashville) and all over the world (especially folks in the Philippines and in the UK) 4.  Every Filipino dish imaginable (especially the one with pig's blood.  It's my favorite.) 5.  My Piano 6.  My ability to play the piano and all my music completely by memory 7.  Oreo and Buttercup 8.  My computer and internet 9.  All of the books I've ever read 10.  My vintage Roland JD-800 keyboard synthesizer with all of the kooky sounds it makes 11.  Balthazar--my cute black Toyota Corolla (has great gas mileage and is a smooth ride) 12.  The Golden Girls 13.  Cookies and Cream Ice Cream 14.  Macadamia Nut/white chocolate cookies 15.  Sushi 17.  Beethoven 18.  The art of Egon Schiele 19.  Tuna 20.  Madonna's ENTIRE music catalogue 21.  Hugs from my niece and nephews 22.  Dinners, lunch, brunch with friends 23.  Memories of growing up on a little green island in the middle of a big blue ocean far far away 24.  My first full album of music (Seahorses) 25.  Chop sticks (I carry a pair everywhere I go for whenever my sushi cravings get the best of me) 26.  My wardrobe of vintage clothes 27.  My small collection of foreign films 28.  My record player and all of the cool vinyl records I own 29.  All of my artwork (which is mostly in storage these days) 30.  Spam (the food, that is) 31.  Bacon (yummy) 32.  Everything Chris Van Allsburg has ever written or illustrated 33.  Eggs and the countless ways they can be cooked 34.  The small YMCA gym near my house 35.  The really big lake near my house 36.  Shoes 37.  My knitting 38.  HGTV 39.  Nashville's Belcourt Theater 40.  Four Seasons (especially Fall and Winter) 41.  Flossing 42.  Laughter 43.  Coffee 44.  Being a performer 45.  Peanut Butter 46.  Peaches 47.  Dancing 48.  Quiet moments lost in thought 49.  The time my family had with my nephew Baby Kit 50.  This blog where pianos roam .  .  . Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! -g

The Art of London Fashion Week


A-L in conversation with illustrator Sara Stode - Her latest work has been inspired by #LFW. There is something incredibly tranquil and beautiful about her illustrations. Quite frankly, I am in awe of how talented she is and couldn't wait to share this with you all. If you want to find out more about Sara click here

Tell us about your illustrations?

I am a freelance illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden who recently moved to lovely and creative East London where I've found a lot of new inspiration! I do realist fashion and beauty illustrations for magazines, blogs, ad agencies etc. I am trained in fine art which is also reflected in the illustrations; I like nice line work paired with clearly defined light and shadow shapes. Most of my work is done in pencil and watercolour before I scan it and layer everything in Photoshop.

You create beautiful illustrations of world re-known designers - what is it that inspires you to draw them?

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