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" The Unraveling "

So, it's about time that I unveiled the cover of my debut album .  .  .  . The artwork is actually an original drawing of mine that I did back about 2001.  It really was meant to be just a practice sketch for a bigger piece and a whole series of drawings, but I liked it so much that it became its own art piece.  It's called "The Unraveling".   It even comes with a poem that I might someday share.  Otherwise, I think it does quite well standing on its own. Last year, I was sitting in my bedroom wondering what in the world the album cover would look like.  I already had an old photograph in mind until I happened to look up at my wall.  There it was staring right at me.  This old sketch I had done so many years ago was beckoning to me.  It's wispy lines done in charcoal and pastel reeling me in.  I was hooked, and it was decided.  This would be the face of my debut album.  Given the themes upon which this album would be built, It just felt so right. As I was writing this, my niece banged heavily on my door.  I just let her in and picked her up.  She fell asleep in my arms instantly.  I'm having trouble even typing this.  She is so precious, and she's draped herself all over me.  These moments are magical. I guess I have to go.  Be well my friends. -g

The Creative Muse. How I Deal With My Inner Creative Conflicts.

On Greyscale Colors

This article is about my inner muse. My own personal way of dealing with my inner creative conflicts. It's told as a story and not as a lecture. Take from it what you like, I did not intend to convey a specific message. Have fun while reading!

I am standing in front of this wall, inside a big messy hangar. It is and old storage space that used to belong to the fire department. Since they moved the space didn't really have a purpose. I am standing here because Matthias from Kapow asked me to join him. He's gonna throw a party here within 4 days and he's asked me to paint a mural alongside some other graffiti artists. Kapow is Matthias' project to spread positive vibes and skateboarding across the globe.

This time he has set up a general theme for the party, the over-fishing of the oceans. As a vegetarian and animal rights activist I must admit that I love the theme. I try to limit myself when it comes to preaching world change. Since most people don't really like to hear that kind of talk, Geordie Shore is way more interesting to them. But if I can incorporate such a message inside an artwork, I will gladly take that opportunity.

My sketch involves Ariel, Disney's little mermaid. I have sketched her with a rope around her neck as she is being taken away by some fishermen. I spend the next 6 hours sketching on the wall, trying to transfer the same flow and composition that I have on a small piece of paper onto a wall that is three times my body length. On any other day this isn't really a problem, but today there seems to be something missing. Whatever I do, I am not feeling the outcome of the sketch. It seems as if for some reason all my talent and knowledge of art has been taken away from me and I'm back to the six year old level of drawing that I started off from.

The initial sketch I made in photoshop.

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