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Video of the Week: Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground

Make no mistake.  I am a huge fan of the band Antony and the Johnsons.  It does not take a rocket scientist to know that they hold something special in their music.  I love them even more knowing that Antony himself is a fellow pianist. Earlier this year, I had the chance to see them in concert in Atlanta.  It was by far one of the most beautiful shows I'd ever been to.  Antony is just magical onstage.  I got to sit in the front row and right in front of him sitting at gorgeous grand piano. On their latest album "The Crying Light", I have to say that the very first song is my favorite.  It is called, "Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground", and it is just a stunner--rich, haunting, otherworldly, and mesmerizing all at once. This week's Video of the Week is footage of a very recent live performance of this song in Amsterdam with the Metropole Orchestra. If you ever get a chance to see Antony and the J0hnsons live, just go. What you will experience will stay with you for a very long while  .  .  .  . [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQQBsZxqdFI] Here are the lyrics:Her Eyes Are Underneath the Ground Lyrics and Music by Antony and Nick HegartyHer eyes are underneath the ground I have heard the crying soundNo one can stop you now No one can stop you nowHer eyes are basking in the sun No one knows why she did the things she’s doneOcean, swallow me now Ocean, swallow me nowIn the garden, with my mother I stole a flower With my mother, in her power I stole a flowerI saw six eyes glistening in my womb I felt you calling me in the gloomRest assured your love is pure Rest assured your love is pureIn the garden, with my mother I stole a flower With my mother, in her power I chose a flower _______________________________________________________ The new Antony and the Johnson's album "The Crying Light" is now available everywhere!!  It is music with a melancholy tenderness--sweetness and sorrow walking hand in hand. Gosh, I love this band. -gordon

Yield - Pearl Jam

On More from a 3 Minute Record

August 28, 1998 is a day that forever changed my life. That night, in the late summer, I was introduced to live music when my dad took me to my first concert to see Pearl Jam on their "Yield Tour" in Philadelphia Camden, NJ. Unlike many of my other friends who attended concerts before their 10th birthdays, I have no reason to be embarrassed of this first in my life.

This post is not about the album. This is about the tour that happened in support of the album. I still have very vivid memories of my first concert, and I would like to put them into words before the haze of years past begins to erode them. I don't remember when it was decided that I would be the one accompanying my dad to the show, but I do remember the lead-up to the show. I remember Dad getting home from work, dialing up the interwebs (not as easy as it is now), and trying to point to and explain things that, at the time, I barely understood.

"You see here? Mudhoney and Iggy Pop are opening."

I had no idea what that meant, but I smiled, nodded, and assumed that the band pre-announced the first two songs they would play for every night of their tour (it was a learning experience for sure). The day of the show we went to KFC and picked up a bigger box of chicken than I knew was offered by the Colonel. We drove about an hour to Camden, ample time to make the chicken a perfect, tailgating lukewarm.

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