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Early On a Sunday Morning

It's been a wonderful week.  I spent Christmas Eve and Day with my family.  A hearty meal with our own traditional Turkey Adobo dish was deliciously decadent.  Um-Um GOOD!!! I watched my niece and nephews squeal with delight as they unravelled each present.  They received toys, clothes, and more toys!!!  They are too precious. These days, I rely less on others giving me what I want and am more active in just getting what I want for myself.  While shopping for the kids, I accidentally came across something I wasn't planning on buying but desperately coveted nonetheless.  It was a Transformers t-shirt from Target.  Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Transformers!!!!   Imagine my inner dork also squealing in delight as I discovered Optimus and the gang ready to fight an intergalactic battle!!!!   This t-shirt allows me to walk around with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and a whole slew of other folks emblazoned on my Asian chest!!! AWW Yeah!!!  There is one more wee little gift to myself that I will get.  It is something I came across while I was in Charlotte doing my shows.  I'll be ordering it within the next week. New Year's Eve is coming up next, and it is also my Mom's Birthday!!  We'll be celebrating together as well and probably cook up a huge dinner. This morning, the big project has been to rearrange my room.  I've positioned my keyboard in front of my window where my bed used to be.    I now have a cozy little music nook next to my desk.  (It's a complete workspace now with plans to connect my keyboard to my computer in order to transcribe my music.  More on this later.) I've had to rummage through a lot of accumulated junk--sorting through it all and making different piles.  There is a pile of stuff to keep and stuff to throw away.  Thankfully, the throw-away pile is the taller of the two.  I am trying to make a habit of doing this every couple of months because before you know it my room will become a heaping, cluttered glob of mostly useless stuff.  I have too much to do without having to deal with a disorganized workspace.  I'll post pictures as soon as I am done.   In another hour, I should be finished.  Yeeehawww!! I have a few other things to announce, but all of that will have to wait.   There's some big news to come. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday! Have a flower .  .  .-g

Blueberry cupcakes

On Suuscake

This is an idea of cupcakes which came to me in enjoying the good the bluberry muffin of special T, this tea is so good that it gives us the impression of Munch a muffin.

For the base I keep the same recipe of my cupcakes, this is a soft recipe because I've tested bases with butter but I remain faithful to mine that I find more airy and light on the palate.

Flickr: snowpea&bakchoi - CC

Ingredients (for 24 cupcakes):

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