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Early On a Sunday Morning

I love my Sunday mornings.  I'm doing a few loads of laundry while I write this.  The smell of coffee floats in the dim sunlight that creeps through my window, and my toasted peanut butter sandwich is being casually nibbled on. This past week has been  very enjoyable.  My family went out to dinner to celebrate my Mom's  birthday on New Year's Eve.  We ate out at the Rainforest Cafe.  With plants and vines hanging from the ceiling, the sound of water cascading down into a sparkling pool, and a rhinocerous asserting itself in a dark corner, it was a memorable place to chow down.  My current addiction to hamburgers has not abated.  I had a big fat BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger with fries.  Oh so yummy!! The staff came out singing Happpy Birthday and presented my Mom with this decadent dessert called a "Volcano".  Encased within a scaffolding of rich milk chocolate brownies,  mounds of sweet vanilla ice cream and whipped cream wait to delight your taste buds.  All the while, chocolate and caramel sauces ooze down around this entire volcanic structure.  We all shared it, and it was divine.  My Mom made a wish as she blew out the solitary candle atop this delicious delight .  .  .  . The celebration continued as my sister and I took my Mom out to see the movie Marley and Me on New Year's Day .  .  .  . It is a very sweet movie about a rambunctious but impossibly endearing dog and the family that raised him.  You'll need a box of tissue for this one.  If you love dogs and animals in general, this is the movie for you. 2009 has finally begun.  I've mostly just chilled out over the latter half of December.   This week, aggressive promotion for my album "Seahorses" starts up again.  I've just taken over the reigns for my website from my friend Ben who redesigned it for me, and it will now be loaded with a ton of new content over the next week. I just reorganized my workspace here at home.  My keyboard sits by my window now .  .  . Here is central command .  .  .  (Notice O and B mugging for the camera!) There's so much work to do.  I need to all of it situated first. On Wednesday, I'll be going out to see the new movie "Milk" with a few friends.  I've been ecstatically looking forward to seeing this one, and I'll be offering up a full review of it as well. Have a flower .  .  . More to come soon. -g

Internal Scorecard #16: Overland, Over Sea, and Over Fear


"I feel stronger." Years later, the line still randomly comes to me, unbeckoned.

It was from one of the most odd and intriguing video games ever made -- Planescape: Torment. You woke up in the morgue as a scarred and battered man who didn't know his name. When you got killed, you would… wake up back in the morgue. You were immortal. You couldn't die. Your goal was to figure out how this happened, who you are, and what you should do about it.

It was beautiful, well-written, and immersive. But the point that still stands out to me is that line.

"I feel stronger."

It happened when you leveled up. The levels up weren't something you chose; they just happened when you accumulated enough experience. It's an interesting metaphor -- you wake completely ignorant, but as you accumulate experiences, you feel stronger. Not "I am stronger." I feel stronger.

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