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There is this place Where I go Where Pianos roam Across the land. They are the leaning Giraffes Whose ears tickle The tops of trees. They are the towering Banyan Trees Whose roots sprawl down From the heavens. They are the green, So green, fields of grass That simmer in the wind. They are the mighty lions Who roar across this vast expanse. There is this place Where I go. It is the greatest emptiness Where sound inhabits space. Where I play Where I wander Where I, too, Roam Free. Official BiographyThrough the music of Gordon Roque, a song written is a life lived, an emotion felt, and a feeling expressed. It is all these things made manifest and so much more.Roque's musical journey began as a child with a scant six months of piano lessons at the age of seven. Howsoever brief, this introduction to music was the start to his on-going love affair with the piano and the art of writing songs. He would spend many years drawn to his dad's keyboards and making up little melodies of his own.Of course, it didn't hurt that Roque, who was born in the Philippines, grew up on a lush and gorgeous tropical island in the South Pacific called American Samoa. Countless weekend barbeques on the beach, swaying coconut trees, the feel of rugged sand on bare feet, and the swelling crescendos of the thunderous and emotive Pacific Ocean provided many distractions for fifteen years of his life. At home, songs of Elvis and the Beatles were in constant rotation on his parents' record player, and, on the island, singing was an integral part of the local culture. According to Roque, "There wasn't a single person, child or adult, who couldn't sing or harmonize. Singing was a way of life back in Samoa, and this taught me so much." Such a richly textured upbringing deeply informs Roque's vivid and imaginative writing style.Today, Roque is fully engaged in a life lived on and through his songs. There is not a personal experience, uncomfortable or otherwise, that he is unwilling to share and explore in his compositions. Underneath his often intense lyrical content, one will hear a bold blend of classical music, jazz, pop, and ragtime stylings. As a result, Roque's music has its own potent and colorful sound and identity.Living and working in Nashville, Tennessee, Roque is currently promoting his brand new, debut album which was released in December of 2008.

Why do I write, and why do I love Music?

On The Anon Girl

I want to be a poet when I'm older, or a journalist. Anything that involves writing. A lot of people ask why I write, and why I am so into music? I write, because writing is one of my favorite things to do, in some ways I feel like I was just born with it. I've been writing since I was little, except back than, what i wrote didn't make a lot of sense. My mom used to write too, she wanted to be a journalist when she grew up. She wrote love letters to people but never gave the letters to them, I guess that's where I got it from. My mom told me that I remind her just like her when she was a teenager. I love to write, because I'm not good at expressing my words. I'm probably the most awkward person ever...I'm like an awkward hippo. Writing, is so much easier for me to express myself. I don't have to make eye contact with anyone when I'm writing out my feelings. When I write my poems, most of them express things I feel, but since it's a poem, no one really knows they are about me. Some are other peoples scenarios..like suicide, bullying, things like that. As for music, none of you reading this know that I play guitar, piano and I sing, I also listen to music every second of every day..well maybe that is exaggerating a little, but just a little. I listen to old music, rock music, country music, basically all kinds of music. I started playing guitar 2 years ago, and started playing piano three years ago, as for singing, I've been singing my whole life. Music is like my escape from the world. Music describes exactly what I'm feeling most of the time. Singing, is just a passion of mine. Guitar, I love the sound of it. Piano, I feel free when I am playing it. I also love the sound of it as well. Since I sit in my room all day, write, and listen to music, you could say I'm a awkward loser with no social life.....but that'd be an understatement.

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