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Over the last few days, this blog has received an entirely new renovation!!!!  Simply put, everything was moved around, rearranged, and put back together a bit differently. 

These changes were made in order to have an online space that offered more versatility and the capacity for growth in the future. 

One of the biggest changes is the addition of the "Oreo and Buttercup" site.  It is a separate wing from this blog that houses all previous and forthcoming episodes of the travelling piano and her rowdy bench.  In the coming weeks, more additions will be added to it including a photo album, bios, and some other unmentionables. 

Back here at Where Pianos Roam, there will be changes in the content of this blog.  I hope to place more emphasis on my numerous creative projects such as those involving my music, visual art, knitting, and design work.  You'll find more photography and, as time permits, little short films that I will be making involving my music.  

In addition to featuring Videos and my weekly "Early On a Sunday Morning" segment, I have two new weekly segments.

Internal Scorecard #3



We're now three weeks into me publishing a weekly internal scorecard. I do this to try to give people an idea of what looking to be productive actually looks like across multiple domains. This week was a very strange week, but there are lessons worth learning here.

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