Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Restaurant 1 "Feeding"

An incident occurred at the local twenty four hour restaurant, near the old theater. Though it is assumed that the man's actions were performed under significant psychological duress, it is unknown what the punishment for his actions should be. This is mostly due to the uncommon nature of his crime, and the fact the majority of his actions were focused on himself and not others. The owner of the restaurant claims he will reopen his business soon, and is simply waiting for the cleaners to finish taking care of the mess.

Three days ago, the man in question walked into the restaurant and was seated soon thereafter. He ordered a small salad and a coffee, then waited patiently for his food to arrive. The waitress noticed that he continued to flex his hands, and would tremble as people approached. After a short time, his food was brought out to him and little attention was paid after that point. It wasn't until one of the female patrons began screaming that his actions were noticed. The owner ran over to the booth, only to be nearly knocked over by the escaping woman.

It seemed that the man had removed several patches of flesh from his body. The tissue on the top of his left hand had already been pulled away, and the his top right shoulder was shaking badly near a section where a large chunk had been taken. It was later determined that several tendons had been damaged or severed, and the trembling in the shoulder has increased since then. All the pieces of flesh that were missing could not be accounted for, and as the man chewed it became increasingly apparent that he had ingested them.

The owner immediately had one of the waitresses call 911, while he grabbed a first aid kit and began to stuff the wounds with gauze. Surprisingly, the man did not fight the owner as he did this, nor did he continue to harm himself. Within minutes an ambulance had arrived, and it was not long before he was taken to the hospital and treated for his wounds. His stomach was pumped, and it was discovered that the man had swallowed many of the pieces whole. He had lost a good amount of blood, but since he lacked any identification, it could not be determined what his blood-type was. Thankfully, one of the servicing doctors recognized the man as a local shop owner. After that point, further actions could be taken on his behalf

It is known that days before the incident at the restaurant, the man had been violently assaulted at his store. Nothing was stolen, but the man had taken several blows to the head. Although he was released the same day with mild contusions, MRI's of his skull after his actions at the restaurant showed moderate swelling in his brain. This required several small treatments, including medicine and an oxygen tube, both of which were used to help reduce the swelling and the buildup of carbon dioxide.

Surgery Part 1: Pectus Excavatum and How I Drank Out of My Chest

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This is the story of how I first became extraordinary. I've been an incredible outlier several times in my life, and this is a multi-part chronicle of my obscure medical problems that culminated in me almost dying after getting my sternum uprooted and lungs popped, and then getting an infection in the hospital and being allergic to the medicine. Note: this picture is not of me.

When I was born in March of 1990, one of the first things my parents and the doctors noticed was that my chest seemed a bit different. There was a little indentation in the middle, and it sort of formed a small bowl. Quickly I was diagnosed with having a slight pectus excavatum, or, a hole in my chest.

Generally, pectus excavatum is completely cosmetic. See, what happens is that the sternum sinks in as the ribs grow a bit longer than usual and push it down. Imagine your sternum being supported by your ribs. Now imagine if each of your ribs grew an inch one day. Since the ribs interact with the sternum, where does the sternum go? Do the ribs pierce the sternum and grow through it? Not likely- they probably either curl upwards or downwards, taking the sternum with them. Mine did the latter.

I believe I read somewhere that they think this is generally due to an excessive production of a certain protein but I could very well be mistaken. Anyways, we had nothing to worry about when I was a baby since it was quite minor. They said it may grow in magnitude, but it's a totally cosmetic problem. No actual health detriments.

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