Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 11 "Mom's Birthday"

On Wellington Street

It was my mom's birthday today. I can't say I really look forward to it anymore. We celebrate it anyway, dad and I. We try not to linger too much on it, but if we just neglect celebrating it at all then it feels like we have done something wrong. My mom still means a lot to both of us, and I don't think dad ever really got over it. I've spent so long trying to understand what happened, but I guess there is nothing to understand.

My mom is gone, and when it's her birthday it doesn't ever feel right.

Dad and I visited her at the mausoleum. With the falling of the graveyard into the sinkhole, people around here simply stopped burying the dead and made it a practice to cremate them. It's better for storage I suppose, and means that their ashes can be placed somewhere where the ground won't give way. I heard they are still working on building space for all those people who were killed a year ago.

I hear their bodies take longer to burn than normal.

There is a spot for flowers. The community decided that it was just wasteful for people to burn through flowers by cutting them, so there is a memorial garden now where people can plant their loved one's favorite flowers or plants. We sat there for a little while. My dad didn't say very much. My mom's flowers haven't begun to bloom yet, but we didn't want to wait a few weeks for that to happen.

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