Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 8 "The New Priest"

The local priest came to see me. He is relatively new, and not necessarily trusted. The man he replaced after all was much loved by the community. But one day, he inexplicably received a letter that he was being called away to another church. I have spoken to most of the congregation, both before the priest left and after he was replaced, yet it seems to me that there is a great amount of confusion surrounding it, and it is not surprising that many wonder what could really be the point of replacing the head priest, especially so close to the some of the most sacred holidays of Autumn. These are important times for priests, especially in Gnosticism. It is time to prepare their congregation for the coming of winter.

I have lived here for only a short while, but it seems that I have been here long enough for him to come and visit. I have his permission to speak of what we talked about, though I honestly would have documented the conversation regardless...The things he said hit me like the worst of my nightmares. He has only been a priest here for a short while, and yet he carries himself like man who has been preaching for centuries. He does not doubt his skills, and clearly dislikes detractors.

He came to me yesterday, wishing to speak to me on the matter of my attendance. In truth I have not gone to a service in many years. So I told him that I was not practicing, and that I could not in good judgment attend a service of something I didn't believe in. He insisted, and although I was tired and simply wanted to rest I let him come inside to chat. It has rarely served me well in my investigations to ignore a chance at a talk. The following is the conversation I had, to the best of my recollection.

I started off by offering him coffee. He refused, stating that his heart wasn't good with stimulants,

“Tell me son, what was it that made you lose your faith.”

Friday Found Poem: Strong Differences

On like an apple

Strong Differences

The case arises out of the murder of the priest of St. Anthony's Church, which occurred in the church rectory.

Thirty years ago, in the early morning hours of a November day, the defendant appeared at the county sheriff's department and said that he wished to speak to officers.

Upon the officers' arrival, the defendant told the officers, without any questioning: "I killed the priest at St. Anthony's."

One officer went to check the rectory. There he found the priest's body Crumpled and bleeding From multiple stab wounds.

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