Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 10 "The Cube House"

The exterior of the home is similar to many of the others on Wellington Street. But the interior is something altogether different, with every room, excluding the main parlor, the kitchen, and the large bathroom upstairs, being the same size, furnished with the same objects. All the rooms are ten by ten, and there are over twenty rooms, though that number is up for debate.

Because of the strange arrangement of rooms and their similar formats, the number seems to change depending on who you ask. Some have tried to count the rooms by making small changes as they pass from one to another. At around thirty, most begin to realize that the objects they had moved have returned to the original position, and that the marks on the walls they had left with chalk have mysteriously been whipped away. Some even try to leave doors open, only to discover that they have a propensity for closing themselves once you are several rooms away.

The reason behind the peculiar design of the home is unknown, and none of the architects notes contain any information outside of floor plans. Although the existence of floor plans should be able to offer a clue as to how many rooms there are, it seems that as the years have passed, more and more rooms have been attributed to the home, added on by each preceding owner. The current figure of twenty is based on the original floor plans, though the actual number is likely closer to thirty.

Each room contains maroon colored wallpaper, one bed with black sheets, an old clock built into the wall, a short ornate lamp, and a single oak trunk at the front of the bed. Each room also contains a picture on the wall, and it is assumed that these are images of the original family. This should aid in the assessment of the number of rooms, but people report that in any visit one may see only a couple of the full total of pictures contained within the home. It is not uncommon for people to become lost within the walls of the house, and it is not strange for people to require a minimum of a half hour to find their way out.

Even groups can become lost, and it is believed that the walls are insulated as attempts to communicate between closed doors has proven to be impractical. This has not prevented people from purchasing the home, and like many of the buildings here there has been a long string of owners. But like many, it is always short lived, as a series of disappearances and deaths have marred this places history. Unlike many however, this has little impact on the popularity of the property and it is only the intervention of an investigation by local law enforcement that has managed to keep the home empty for any period of time.

Failed Celebrity Pickup : Danielle Fishel

On Tynan

Ever since I can remember, I have been a huge fan of Boy Meets World. With no concept of TV guide or schedules, it was a gift from the heavens above when I would turn on the TV and see the familiar cast. For roughly as long as I was a fan of the show, I had a crush on Topanga - known as Danielle Fishel in real life.

I'm hesitant to post detailed "reports" on meeting women here. Maybe because it's too personal, maybe because it's so easy to misinterpet as mechanical, but for whatever reason I don't love the idea. However, this is a funny story that probably won't offend anyone (except one guy who I don't mind offending.)

The 2004 Pickup Artist Convention, which I had organized, was held in Los Angeles, CA. Normally I'm rather lazy about going out and meeting people. I find it very frustrating to find women I'm genuinely interested in, and the allure of talking to women for practice is much less than it was when I first got into the Pickup Artist thing.

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