Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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"The Girl With the Umbrella"

It was only a couple of days ago that I finally managed to get an interview, though the assault itself took place four months ago. On several occasions I tried to convince their family to allow me to speak to the man, but they consistently refused to let me. It was only after his own insistence that I managed to get to talk to him, which occurred several times over the following weeks. The families reasons are understandable, as his health has been for quite some time under question, and the swelling from the skin grafts has only recently subsided to a point where he has been able to communicate through spoken testimony.

The mans voice is at best rendered as slurred and disjointed as he is still under powerful medicines. However, I was still able to gather what I believe to be a reliable and understandable series of interviews, though I will offer additional information as needed. I will also warn that there has been some manipulation of his words. This has been done simply to tie the bits of recordings I have together, and all changes were passed by the family first. Most of the issues stem from the brevity of the recordings, since the speakers tongue has yet to firmly reconnect itself to its base, making extended conversation painful and dangerous.

It was especially cold this year, this march. I tried hard to avoid walking places, but there was a huge snowstorm that had knocked out the buses. My car had broken down some time before, so I was simply making do until I got another one. I would had stayed home, but I was on medicine at the time and was close to running out. I had stalled as long as I could, since the weather was bad and all. But the days of snow continued to drag on, and I eventually had no choice.

There is a local pharmacy. It stays open. I talked to them the night before. One of the people who work there is a personal friend...said I could come in. But that meant I had to walk. I don't like to walk, especially when it is cold...I arrived there after a half a hour. Normally it wouldn't take as long, but the snow was deep, just above my knee.

It was cold. Really cold. There was a woman standing outside of the place. Had an umbrella drawn low, a black one. I couldn't see her face, but I could tell by her jacket her gender. It was the color of bone. She didn't have a bag, but she had a purse, and I assumed she put her purchases in there.

Crassus in Parthia, Hideyoshi in Korea


At the very end of the Roman Republic, Marcus Licinius Crassus was one of the three most powerful people in Rome. He was the wealthiest man in Rome, and arguably, the wealthiest man the Western world had ever seen.

He also had tremendous power and influence, but he yearned to surpass his allies/rivals Julius Cesar and Pompeius Magnus. Following his election to consul in 55 BCE, he raised troops and set off on a tremendously unpopular war against the Parthians.

There, his legions were destroyed, his son died, and he died.

When you look at this event in history, with the 60 year old Crassus bringing himself to his doom, you have to stop and scratch your head. This was a man who had achieved an incredibly solid foundation and a marvelously successful in life. Yet, he was off against Parthia bringing himself to his end.

You can look likewise to the Unification of Japan under Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and his subsequent disastrous campaign in Korea that contributed significantly to the destruction of the Toyotomi, who had likewise been the most powerful in Japan.

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