Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Factory 1 "The Trick-or-Treaters"

Their parents wouldn't help them purchase Halloween masks. Should have reconsidered. Shouldn't have been cheap. They should have at least made their children keep their mouths shut about it. Was a cool night. Lot's of kids on the street...still took several houses before people realized the kids weren't wearing masks.

My boy Noah decided he wanted to go as a skeleton this year. Can still smell the face paint under my finger nails. That pungent, awful smell. You never forget it...When I was a kid everyone used the face paints. Masks cost money. Was cheaper to throw something together. My family didn't have a lot of money back then. On really bad years we would sometimes stay home, my sister and I. We were embarrassed. I try not to let those memories affect my kids.

Noah, Beth and I left the house around seven. Margaret was at home. Figured it was best. Her face was a little swollen that day.

We heard screaming about twenty minutes after that. It was an older woman. House full of plants. Had lost her husband the other year. Loves kids though. Hands out the big candy bars. By the time I reached them she was already on the phone with police. The kids stood there, unfazed. Didn't seem to realize that anything was wrong. The stitches were fresh. Whatever he doped them with it was enough to make sure they didn't feel any pain.

I ran across the street. Noah and Beth followed.

What mask do you wear and why do you choose it?

On Mike Dariano

We all wear a mask and we all wear one everyday. Sometimes it's more than one mask. It's a mask that says jerk or asshole. A mask that says boss, fun, or happy. Masks for sad, humble, angry. We all wear masks and we all choose our masks.

Each day when I wake up I can choose what I will be for that day. Will I be kind? A tiger? A lion?

We took this photo at the zoo and the kids were jumping from one mask to the next, pretending to be a lion, snake, and elephant and they were able to jump from one animal to the next like a sprite would cover a field of clover. Children are given this gift because they don't see things in permanence. Unfortunately adults do.

I'm having a bad day. I'm not so well. I'm just in a rotten mood. Forget that. F-O-R-G-E-T-I-T. That's your choice and when we verbalize it it's admitting that we aren't choosing things and letting things choose us. There is no cloak of 'bad day' that gets wrapped around you, no robe of anger. Those things don't exist. What exists are your choices, my choices about our masks.

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