Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Hospital Update "Spawn"

“Don't see me. No matter what. There is something wrong with me, and people are starting to get hurt. I don't leave my house anymore. I can't. That kid...what used to be that kid keeps knocking on my back window. I only have to find a shovel. I suppose that is going to have to do. I saw some black thing in the backyard. Was slimy because it was dead. Something was wrong with it. Where it touched the skin. Don't touch the skin. Just burn it. Don't try to find me. Because I found the shovel.

Dog was the first to go. He was just sniffing around outside, looking for a place to piss. Thing must have been in the bushes. I heard a yelp. Boy came running to the door. His face was all messed up, like it was dissolving. I quickly poured water on him. Took him to the vet. Vet had no idea what could have caused it. Said there wasn't an animal in the area that could do something like that. But he said the damage wouldn't be permanent, and after wrapping him up and giving me some meds he let me take Bailey home.

I stayed home the first day, just to make sure he wasn't playing with it. He was a smart dog though. Seemed really tired but he ate fine. The next day I went back to work. I guess I had just assumed if he was fine the first day that he would be fine the second. I got home that night only Bailey wasn't barking like he normally did. I quickly opened the door and turned on the lights. Nearly vomited when I got into the hallway.

There wasn't much left. It smelled something fierce.

I called animal control. Told them what had happened. Said that they had heard reports of that before but that he wasn't able to elaborate. They came over and grabbed what was left and sterilized the area. Kept asking me if I had touched it at all. I kept telling them no, that I hadn't changed the bandages since he saw the doctor. Was going to do it when I got home. They checked the back yard. Looking for the thing I guess. Then they left, saying they were sorry for my loss. And that was it.

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