Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 8 "Moving Day"

It has been several weeks since I submitted myself to a series of tests, with the hope of finding out what is wrong with me. For weeks I have been burdened by chronic migraines, which medicines seem unable to alleviate completely. I am tired no matter how much sleep I get, though the act of sleeping is difficult. I have been plagued by long periods of insomnia, and when I finally sleep, it is always accompanied by nightmares that I try hard not to remember. Above all is a terrible sense that I am being watched, and I have begun seeing a therapist in the hopes that they would at least be able to help deal with some of the issues without medicine.

The tests have finally come in, and the results are less than reassuring. As expected, my adrenaline levels, along with the levels of the various hormones involved in inducing REM sleep are all elevated. My MRI came back with “unusual” results, and I have a follow up appointment where the doctors involved should tell me what exactly that means. The blood tests and toxicology all came back normal save for the levels of certain chemicals, and the x rays revealed nothing. For now there does not seem to a clear physical reason for my state of being, which leaves me with the psychological. I am...not ready to take that step, and for now I have been given a new set of sleep aids, as well as anti anxiety medicines. They have refused to give me a stronger pain killer...they worry I will become dependent.

The only thing that seems to be help are my visits to Wellington Street, which usually results in the temporary reduction of my symptoms. With this in mind I have suggested the idea of moving to Wellington Street, and the doctors think that perhaps the change in my environment may help. Thankfully, a small place recently came onto the market, and in between my own income and the help of my family I managed to pull together enough money to secure a down payment. Before buying though I decided to do some investigating, since the price seemed low for such a nice home. It did not take a lot of investigating to find out why.

The home is modern in its design, utilizing long rectangular shapes of various shapes and sizes, with a deep brown, wood paneling. The building is quite different from the normal aesthetic of the neighborhood, and tends to stand out during the day, though it seems to blend in at night. In the history of the home there was only one owner, and it was only a year after they had moved in that the house went back up for sale.

The initial owners were a husband and wife, who had requisitioned the building of the home. The husband worked in real estate, while his wife was an archeologist and recently retired teacher. Little was known of the couple as they did little to interact with the local community, at least when it came to the husband. They had commissioned the building of the home months before they moved in, anticipating the birth of their first child. Their neighbors didn't seemed to have much love for the husband, but stated that the wife seemed friendly enough, and would often visit with one of them, asking them for parenting advice.

Take Your Smartphone to Bed with You

On No Status Quo

Along with exercise and nutrition, sleep is one of the primary determinants of your happiness and wellbeing. If you don't get good sleep, you will not only be tired, but also pessimistic, unmotivated, lazy or even depressed.

Research has shown that self control is a limited resource that is greatly diminished when you're exhausted. If you don't get good sleep, you are less likely to be productive and stick to your good habits (such as exercise). You are also more likely to do things that you know are bad for you (such as eating sweets).

Good REM sleep plays a critical role in the development of long term memories. If you're trying to learn anything at all, you better make sure you get enough high quality sleep.

Proper sleep is also essential for maintaining a robust immune system. If you want to be happy, healthy, smart and productive, you have must make sure you get good sleep.

Do you think that your physical health and emotional wellbeing can be considered in isolation? Think again. They both come from the same body, and they both require that you sleep well.

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