Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Cemetery 1 "Lanterns on the Graves"

I visited Sarah today. Has been a very long time. The leafs in the cemetery are changing early. The smell is everywhere. Every time you take a step that deep smell of earthy rot hits your nose. Smell is comforting. On the graves people have begun to place lanterns. Nothing elaborate. Just solar powered things. At night it is quite beautiful. Most the graves have them now. I found a dead squirrel on top of a tombstone.

She probably would have liked it if I had brought the kids. Things being as they are I don't think that would be a great idea.

I hadn't even passed the cemetery in a while.

The large sinkhole in the middle hasn't gotten larger, but the fence around it needs repairs. Passed the sinkhole on the way to her grave. Water in it was higher than I remembered. Spotted the rope we had used to lower ourselves into it years ago. We used to sneak in a lot. Was a sort of special place for us. People said I shouldn't bury her here.

I didn't care.

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On Where Pianos Roam


Gordon's Gay History, Part 3:

With my bowl-cut hair style and scawny little body, I was once a little boy-- a burgeoning gay, if you will. However, I really was not like other boys.  My older brother went bananas over GI Joe and action figure toys.  He loved going to his Boyscout camps while I found the prospect of tying ropes over and over gain to be just plain tedious.  In a very natural and innocent way, I gravitated to my older sister's barbie dolls.  I would sneek into her room when the house was empty and play with them to my heart's content.  (Comb their hair, mix and match their outfits, throw them around the room, whatever.)

Iconic male figures like Superman didn't appeal to me in a role model sense.  I remember thinking that his red underwear thingy was just a bit much.  Nothing ever really grabbed my attention outside of very girly, feminine things.

At home, my parents had full decision-making powers when it came to what music would be blaring on the stereo.  Elvis, The Beatles, and ABBA were always on repeat.  These were titans from a different era long before I was born.  I did not yet have the awareness of how powerful the medium of music would be.

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