Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 7 Update "Liberation"

After a long period of silence, it was determined that the abandoned home known as “The Mannequin House” was to be torn down. The demolition occurred some weeks ago, followed shortly thereafter by the removal of debris. However, not all of the items found in the home were accounted for, and many have claimed the mannequins from the home have been moving about Wellington Street.

The home had been deemed unlivable, based on strange stains on the carpet. For some time, people claimed to have seen several mannequins within the home. Passerby's suggested that their day to day positions would change, and there was a great amount of difficulty involved trying to explain it. After the destruction of the home, many of the original pieces of furniture were recovered, but none of the figures could be accounted for.

The first sighting occurred a couple of days after the destruction of the building. A young man was walking his girlfriend home that night from a party, knowing that she had a tight curfew. The street was mostly empty, making the walk home mostly uneventful. As they were approaching the girls home, they noticed a stark white figure across the street. Approaching closer to get a better look, they realized that the form was in fact a display mannequin, similar to the sort you would find in a store. It was positioned next to a tree, its head pointed in the direction of the couple. The girl claims she had been frightened of it, and was soon dropped. The man left after that, though he says that he swears the position of he mannequin's head had changed.

A couple of days passed before the next sighting. In a local park, several families arrived to see a group of three Mannequin's sitting at a picnic table. As the hours passed, more people arrived to the park to play and converse. The children especially seemed interested in the trio, and throughout the day many sat next to them and even spoke to one or another. This progressed without incident for most of the day. However, at around three a young boy began to push around and yell at the mannequins. After about a minute of this, he grabbed one of them and pulled it to the ground. When his parents went to intervene, the boy ran from them, only to collapse to the ground several moments later, crying in pain.

The boy immediately went to the hospital, where it was determined that his leg had been fractured. By the next morning the mannequin's had disappeared from the park.

Paranoia - A short story

On The Grey Flag

The old lady was staring at her. She knew it.

Four months ago, Julia had married the love of her life. Her husband, Mike had just been named head curator at the art museum where he was working in. She was three months pregnant with a boy they would call Joey and after Joey is born she would quit that stressful writing job of hers to be a full-time housewife. Nothing could go wrong in her perfect life.

The day it arrived, Julia and Mike were busy unpacking their luggage from their trip to Venice when the doorbell rang. Julia ran out to get the door and when she opened it and looked down, there it was.

The package was encased by a bubble wrap, with an additional layer of plastic over it. At first glance it was about two feet tall and one foot wide. Julia carried it into the living room and unwrapped it. The rectangular wooden frame in the package was old, but kept in good condition. Flakes of the golden paint that coated it were coming off but it was still a beautiful frame, with very fine carvings of flowers at its corners. But Julia didn’t notice that, her eyes were fixed on the painting in the frame.

It was a portrait of an old lady who looked almost in her eighties. She had a sharp chin and high cheekbones and her pale skin was weathered and covered in wrinkles. The old lady’s graying hair was tied up in a bun and over it she wore a white bonnet. She had a hooked nose, almost too big for her face, with a sharp tip like the beak of a hawk. Below that nose she had very thin and dry lips. The edges of her mouth slanted slightly upward, giving her a smile that looked more like a smirk to Julia.

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