Wellington Street

In which we take a stroll down a very strange lane.


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Building 11 "The New Employee"

I am excited for my first day. I can't really say when I decided I wanted to do it. Probably always been something I was at least interested in. But now that it is staring me in the face, I am pleased to say that though I am nervous I don't feel any doubt about my choice.

The Wellington Street Historical Society. I don't know many places that get their own museum, let alone a stretch of road. But this place is special. I've known that ever since I was little. And now I get to be a part in preserving the history of it for future generations.

My boss is really nice. His name is Eric, and he really seems as excited about preservation as I am. Not that I get to handle anything big for now. That comes later. At least I hope so. For now I just am supposed to get familiar with the displays and get to know the layout for when visitors come.

It is...strange for someone my age to be so interested in stuff like this. But it is my calling.

I feel it in my bones. There is something in this place that has always drawn me here.

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