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Water - Think Beyond Just Quenching Your Thirst

On Natural Health Hack

Water really is the elixir of life. An interesting perspective that another friend (a backpacking buddy) who is a well trained outdoorsman told me one summer the rule of three:

A human can survive for:

- 3 minutes without air - 3 hours without a regulated body temperature (shelter) - 3 days without water - 3 weeks without food

[above] Blue Lake - Indian peaks Wilderness, Colorado

Tips on Getting Ready for a Disaster

On Doomsday Addict

Who has not experienced any natural disaster be it fire or flood or tsunami at least one time in his lifetime? Amid such disasters, it is depressing that men lose their lives and properties and assets. Individuals or family members who do not do something regarding an upcoming disaster in general suffer the most. Disaster preparedness can help steer clear of all the perils and casualties that may take place in such times and protect the lives of your family members and community.

The government cannot do alone all the emergency arrangements, every community possesses its own duty. What should you know and do in getting ready for any disaster? The rest of this short article tackles this issue of disaster readiness and could help your family prepare before any calamity occurs.

What You Can Do With Your Documents

Just before any disaster ever takes place, you would like to secure all your crucial papers like birth certificates, insurance policies, title deeds, etc. A safety deposit box seems to be a good storage space for the original documents and you can personally retain the duplicate copies. It's highly recommended to have some money on hand should there be a need to evacuate.

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