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Puzzle #1 - 12 marbles, 1 defective, find defective one

Puzzle - You are given 12 identical appearing marbles, out of which one is defective. You are given a balance of old type i.e a small dish hangs from each end of a rod which is balanced in the middle. So you can conclude if both sides are equal or unequal where heavier side will be lower compared to lighter side. Find the defective marble in three weighings.

Here is the tree diagram for above mentioned problem. It shows how we can find out the defective marble along with its weight - lighter or heavier in three weighing. L here represents lighter, and H represents Heavier.

Movember Day 15: I Could Get Used to This

On Military Dad

This moustache thing is turning out much better than I thought it would.

I'm not going to say that I'm turning into a better looking version of Tom Selleck or anything like that, but I'm not quite as embarrassed to go out in public as I had anticipated. There are certainly still issues. The whiskers tend to stick straight out of my face and therefore destroy any skin that comes into contact with it. I'm pretty sure that the right side is thicker than the left, but I'm terrified to trim it because I know I'll mess it up. There's also the fact that it tends to be darker than my hair but lighter than my eyebrows which means I now have three colors of hair on my head. Overall, however, I would say it's much better than expected. You be the judge.

My wife doesn't necessary agree with my assessment. So far, the best that I've been able to get is: "It doesn't look quite as horrible as I thought it would." When I mentioned that Movember might just turn into Mocember, she gave me one of those looks that indicates it's time to go get a blanket for the couch since I might need it shortly.

Whatever your opinion, it's here to stay throughout the end of the month...all in the name of charity of course. If you would like to donate to the cause as well, please feel free to do so on my Mo Space. You can also leave a comment or send me a note about your thoughts on the 'stache. At the end of the month, I will count up all the votes to see whether I should keep it or not. I will then immediately shave it off anyway because my wife will make me. :-)

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