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Puzzle #2 - 9 marbles, 1 lighter, find the lighter one

You are given 9 identically appearing marbles, out of which one is lighter. You are given a balance of old type i.e. a small dish hangs from each end of a rod which is balanced in the middle. So you can conclude if both sides are equal or unequal when heavier side is lower compared to lighter side. Can you find the lighter marble in two weighing?

Territory Generation

On Gorilla Tactics

Territories in Kung Fu Kingdom are the game maps you play on. Since what kind of terrain on each map is determined by its own Primary Biome, and the Primary Biome of the territories which are adjacent to it, we needed to ensure that each map was both unique, while also maintaining logical placement of those tiles based on which adjacent Territory they were influenced by.

This screenshot is from our World Generation screen, and each one of these hexagons represents a single territory the player can play on. The selected tile is a Forest, so it's primary Biome is Forest. It also has Sub Biomes of SmallSwamp, SmallMountain, and SmallGrassland taken from the appropriate adjacent tiles. You'll notice there are no SmallForrest subbiomes. This is because each map starts out covered by its Primary Biome before having the subbiomes placed; it's pointless to place a Forest tiles on top of Forest tiles.

For each of these sub-biomes we create patterns which influence the placement of these biomes within a territory. A pattern is simply a mathematical equation (or combination of) which will place terrain tiles in appropriate clusters. So each pattern will have multiple variations of it. Here are two different patterns and some variations you might see.

This is an Edge Crecent pattern. It is defined by three points on an edge within the placement zone - a center point, and two equally distant side points. The height is defined by Y, and a curve is created. Random noise is then added to the edge of the pattern so it appears more natural.

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