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Loving what is in Iceland

A long history of conquests, local feuds, trade restrictions, cod wars and several economic crashes combined with extreme weather, frequent volcanic eruptions, a lack of arable farmland, and short days could make a person testy.

But you don't hear "why us?" from Icelanders.

Quite the contrary. You see smiles, rosy cheeks, dancing, poetry, music, art, and good humor.

They're proud to be Icelanders and have no reason not to be. Locals are quick to point out that Iceland has the prettiest women, the strongest men, the lowest crime rate, the lowest rate of mental and physical illness, and superior natural beauty.

Why I Told CBS Corporation To Sue Me Without Wearing A Shirt


If you haven't been following the saga, I wrote an Open Letter to Simon and Schuster CEO Carolyn Ready saying that they fundamentally mistreat their authors and editors, and their industry sucks.

They first tell me to delete this immediately, then ignore it, and then I get a very politely worded threat delivered via my agent, Jim Levine.

So I made the video, "The End of the Publishing Cartel - Jim Levine, Are You With The Artists Or The Cartel?"

I made a lot of important points, but I wasn't wearing a shirt.

Now, why do that? Am I just crazy?

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