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Loving what is in Iceland

A long history of conquests, local feuds, trade restrictions, cod wars and several economic crashes combined with extreme weather, frequent volcanic eruptions, a lack of arable farmland, and short days could make a person testy.

But you don't hear "why us?" from Icelanders.

Quite the contrary. You see smiles, rosy cheeks, dancing, poetry, music, art, and good humor.

They're proud to be Icelanders and have no reason not to be. Locals are quick to point out that Iceland has the prettiest women, the strongest men, the lowest crime rate, the lowest rate of mental and physical illness, and superior natural beauty.

Why I Don't Donate To Charities

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

Last night was my last night in Ramallah, and I spent the evening with a group of 6 or 7 people. We had hot dogs (SO MUCH BETTER than American hot dogs, by the way), played Mafia, and tried to play Never Have I Ever until the group fell apart into a bunch of side discussions.

It was late and I still haven’t completely adjusted to the time change, so I was starting to drift off a little bit. But then I heard something that woke me right up. Someone (changing his name to Ahmed) said:

I asked him to tell me more. He went on to say that he was worried that these startups were too focused on individualism, and not focused enough on the good of the community.

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