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Upside Down in Iceland

Whether you're a fair weather driver or an experienced Icelander, spinning out can happen. While driving north today, we passed a car upside down in a ditch. A small crowd had gathered, and as we ran over to see if we could help, the driver, a woman, emerged from the car, unscathed.

(Also, some beautiful Icelandic horses came over to check out the action.)

When the paramedics arrived they told us that even if the temperature is above freezing in general, in the valleys, any moisture on the road will freeze, and the slightest tap on the brakes can send you out of control, off the road, into a ditch, and flipped over.

A Random Week in Iceland

On Tynan

My favorite way to travel is to land in a new country with no plans whatsoever, improvising as we go. That's what we did in Iceland.

I've always wanted to go to Iceland, probably because it's remote and I perceived it to be a weird place. With clever routing you can go there for free any time you book a flight between Europe and the East Coast.

Knowing what happens when we don't plan, we rented a small station wagon, thinking that the three of us-- Todd, Christophe, and myself-- could sleep in it if necessary. Without so much as heading to Reykjavik to connect to the internet and get our bearings, we headed off to the countryside.

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