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While fewer and fewer Americans believe in science, Icelanders believe in elves.

Or, at least, they they won't say they don't believe in elves. And fairies. And trolls. And some people aren't afraid to talk about them with a straight face. Others are sick of talking about them to outsiders.

This week's issue of the tourist newspaper, The Grapevine, has an article by Kim Tulinus begging for a hiatus on the constant questions Icelanders recieve about "the hidden people," as they're referred to.

According to legend, they live in the crevices of rocks or under mounds of earth.

And understandably, the hidden people don't like their homes bulldozed, built on top of, or molested in any way. They will do whatever it takes to stop construction of roads through their territory. Even if it means disabling machinery or causing accidents...until the road crew quits and plans an alternate route around the fairy mound in question. This is documented.

How I Lost My Job for Working Too Hard

On No Status Quo

Two weeks ago I lost my part-time job. My contract was due an extension, but I wasn't offered one. Instead the company chose to hire someone else the same month they let me go. They said I wasn't fired, but it's hard to use any other word for this.

I asked them if it had anything to do with my performance. They said that my performance was great. Indeed, I worked harder than most other people in the company. Including my boss.

I asked them if it had anything to do with my personality. They said of course not. I'm not so sure about that.

Then I asked if there was anything at all that made them choose someone else instead of me. They avoided the question.

I don't think they were just throwing dice when deciding who was getting fired and hired. So I pointed that out. That kind of pissed them off.

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