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De-Schooling: Getting School Out of Your Head

By Leo Babauta

The biggest problem we had when we started about 5 years ago, as new unshcooling parents and students, is that we were stuck in the school mindset.

Unschooling is a vastly different approach from traditional school, and if your kids are in school and you want to take them out of school and unschool them, you still believe the old stuff for a long time:

It's really amazing how much this stuff is ingrained in our heads, from years of believing in it (and being raised to believe it by the school system).

Our Kids Love Each Other...Kind Of

On Military Dad

Our children have a relationship with each other that is hard to describe.

Princess is seven years old and a total "Mother Hen" personality. She tries to take care of everyone in the house, but especially her younger brother.

Little Dude is four, and he completely looks up to his big sister and wants to do everything that she does. This includes playing with her friends when they come over and basically following her everywhere she goes.

Basically, they always want to be together. They love each other dearly, and about the only time they aren't in the same room is when they're at school or asleep.

While this sounds like an ideal relationship for a brother and sister, there's one small problem with it: they have absolutely no idea how to play together.

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