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Unschoolers Learn the Same Way Adults Learn

By Leo Babauta

Whenever I have a question about unschooling -- motivation, how kids learn, how to learn math, etc. ... I ask myself one simple question:

How would I learn this or deal with this, as an adult?

Because the simple truth about unschooling is that it's no different from how adults live and learn, in the real world.

Let's take some examples, of school vs. adults vs. unschooling:

Selling to the inner six-year-old ("MOMMY CAN I HAVE ONE???")

On Linus Rylander

My business partner just told me he's going to a six-year-old's birthday party, and we were discussing what would constitute a good bday present.

I jokingly said "the good thing about being a salesperson is you could get anything, then convince them why it's a good idea."

But it got me thinking: It seems everyone wants to convince people that their thing will change their life. Perhaps in only 30 days or in four easy steps.

What if you, in a non-pedophile kind of way, approached a six-year-old and said "Hey, kid. You should get this new toy! It will change your life!"

The kid would be dumbfounded. Change my life? What does that even mean? Why would I want to change my life?

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