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How to Deal with Your Family's Anti-Unschooling Feelings

By Leo Babauta

When you start out as a new unschooling family, or even if you're just contemplating it, one of the biggest obstacles are not "how to do it" or "will this even work" but the other people in your life.

Your family and friends can be incredibly negative about the idea of homeschooling/unschooling.

And that's perfectly understandable, actually. Anytime we do something that's very out of the mainstream, we face resistance from others. Especially when it comes to raising kids, which is a hugely emotional issue for most people.

Why do other people react so negatively? Consider:

My 2014 Goals

On Mike Dariano

Last year was the first year I set goals, and even then, did so half-heartedly. My 'ambitions' as I called them at the time were to meditate daily and to buy less stuff.

Though I didn't meditate daily, I did develop a much healthier sense of gratitude and I am a better person for it. I may not take a moment each day to be grateful, but I became more conscious of moments to be grateful for. When I take time to be grateful it's like a successful fishing trip that serves as dinner. Recognizing the moments though is like finding a blackberry bush when I'm enjoying a walk. Both ways have provided spiritual sustenance.

My second goal, to be less materialistic, also was successful for the most part. I did buy a half dozen books this year and two articles of clothing, but in doing so I learned why I buy things and what ends they serve.

These two ambitions had their roots in minimalism, personal finance, and stoicism. That they were encompassed in broad domains was important. This year I thought about the domains first and settled on four areas:

My physical health goals

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