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When Should You Start Unschooling?

By Leo Babauta

When should the unschooling process start? Can and should you start at preschool age if you have a young child?

There's no right answer to that, of course, as there are never any "right" answers in unschooling. It's all about figuring out what works on your own -- though your experiments can be informed and inspired by what others are doing.

And so I'll share my thoughts here, along with what we did, with the idea that you'll figure out your own answer through experimentation and discussion among your family.

The first thought to share: unschooling starts at birth. Unlike school, which starts at a legally mandated age and involves the trauma of leaving your child with strangers while he cries (I had to do this several times), unschooling doesn't have a defined start. That's because unschooling is the same as living.

10 Reasons Why Education as we Know it is Dying

On Chasing a New Dream

I have a thesis that the education industry will drastically change over the next 10-20 years.

Education reform has been a topic of conversation for a long time in America. Why is the change going to happen now? What is different this time around?

Just a note, I do not expect most Universities to disappear in the next twenty years I just expect that they will have to drastically change because of the 10 points listed above.

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