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How to Deal with Your Family's Anti-Unschooling Feelings

By Leo Babauta

When you start out as a new unschooling family, or even if you're just contemplating it, one of the biggest obstacles are not "how to do it" or "will this even work" but the other people in your life.

Your family and friends can be incredibly negative about the idea of homeschooling/unschooling.

And that's perfectly understandable, actually. Anytime we do something that's very out of the mainstream, we face resistance from others. Especially when it comes to raising kids, which is a hugely emotional issue for most people.

Why do other people react so negatively? Consider:

Being something stronger.

On The Life Of An Ordinary Teenager

Jumping into somebody's game can be a trap. Like a famous science fiction movie... IT'S A TRAP! I never thought it could happen to me though. I've always been careful and smart. But sometimes it falls in between the cracks. Why you ask? I don't have a fucking clue.

Abigail had pretended to want to be my friend this whole time. Just like she did in third grade. She stole my best friend and made her against me. The only reason why shit caught fire is because she gets involved. Do you get that feeling when you know somebody is bad and in your stomach you know... you know they're wrong and full of crap. But people keep telling you that you don't even know that person and you should give them a chance. Then you do, because you are being harassed by everyone you know and turns out, they're full of shit like the first time.

Abigail, Abigail, Abigail. Why the hell would she be out to get me? Why would she do the same dumb thing she did when she was younger. It took me five years to forgive her and give her another shot at being my friend. The right way. Ever since Jordan wanted to invite Abigail in my group of friends, i knew it was a bad idea. Even my mom was telling me i think she means good and her intentions aren't bad. Once the woman that put you in the world says that, you figure you should just forgive.

Abigail was using me just to not sit by herself on the fucking bus. I am going to have to tell her that i will not and refuse to sit with her. Not because she's a hypocrite bitch but because she's a backstabbing one and always will be.

In these times, i have to be strong and show my real colors. She isn't the best of me and she won't get my sorrow. I love to be able to prove them wrong and make them regret their stupid decision of losing me. When someone tries to knock you down, you just be strong like a metal wall. Knock them down back. Trust me, they deserve it. Completely.

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