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I'm Leo Babauta, creator of Zen Habits, and father of six kids. My wife Eva & I unschool four of our kids, and we're so passionate about unschooling that I decided to share the philosophy and tactics that we love so much.

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10 Things I Learned from Kids this Christmas

On Mike Dariano

We unwrapped another successful family Christmas around our house. The apogee was the opening of a pair of American Girl dolls by my two daughters. The looks on their faces brought me the same joy that it hopefully brought you this holiday season when you gave a gift. Their unbundled excitement made me wonder what I can learn from kids.

A. Be excited in life.

Too often adults get caught up in 'life'. In paying bills or working or having a kitchen floor you could eat off. Sometimes I feel like dropping these things and just playing with my daughters and sometimes I do, and it feels good. It feels invigorating to drop into their world and play with them.

B. Each day has 24 hours

Both of my kids are in school, but not regularly enough to have a schedule. Our older daughter goes five days a week, our younger daughter three, but they've just started school and don't understand weekdays and weekends. My wife's schedule also doesn't fit the traditional 9-5, Monday through Friday. To my daughters there is no workweek, weekend, or three-day holiday with time off. They view each day as a day and live in the moments of that time. This is something that I'm going to try to reflect more on this year, focusing on the inherent qualities of the moment rather than what might be coming.

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