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Unschoolers Learn the Same Way Adults Learn

By Leo Babauta

Whenever I have a question about unschooling -- motivation, how kids learn, how to learn math, etc. ... I ask myself one simple question:

How would I learn this or deal with this, as an adult?

Because the simple truth about unschooling is that it's no different from how adults live and learn, in the real world.

Let's take some examples, of school vs. adults vs. unschooling:

Second Semester Senior, Baby!

On Imported Blog

The second semester. It's what every single high school senior awaits. It's one of the most well-known phenomenons of high school students all over the States. Students, teachers, and parents all take for granted that the second semester of senior year is supposed to the most stress-free time of students' lives.

The whole logic is that colleges only have grades, extracurricular activities, and whatnot for three and a half years of high school. That last half, the second semester of senior year, is completely irrelevant to college admissions. Sure universities can withdraw their offer if you experienced a horrid second semester, but it's almost unheard of.

As a current second semester senior, I am surrounded by this mentality. People complain about getting work because "it doesn't matter" anymore. I've admittedly most likely thought the same thing at least once. But the more I think about this whole concept of the "second semester senior," the more I hate it.

In short, it is implying that the only purpose of high school is to get into college. Every thing you do in high school, whether it be grades or sports or whatever, is to gain admission into a college. In the end, that is all that matters. College is viewed as an end goal to high school students, not a place along a journey.

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