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The Drafting Process

Having played fantasy football draft style using spreadsheets in the past, take if from me, the drafting process is simultaneously the most fun part of the game, as well as the most important. Your league season will be defined by decisions you make at this stage.

We'll break down the drafting procedure here and have a follow up article highlighting the key areas to think about when determining your drafting strategy.

Squad rules

▪There are no limits to how many players you can have from a single team

▪There are no prices/budgets. Salary cap leagues require this as a means to ensure that not all squads are the same collection of 15 superstars (even though, with the salary cap, they often end up being similiar collections of superstars/value players). The underlying principle of draft style fantasy football removes the requirement to have a salary cap.

Clint Dempsey to Liverpool?

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There has been quite a lot of speculation: Brendan Rodgers (I love this man, but am very cautious of him at the same time) has stated that a significant signing is coming up and sources have linked Clint Dempsey to Liverpool. I have heard good and bad things about this potential acquisition, so I want to quickly summarize them below

First of all, he's American! I'm American! Liverpool F.C. are owned by Americans! AMERICA! F-- YEAH! Anyways, adding one of America's most loved players to the squad will only boost support to the team from the U.S.

He was also voted as Fullham's best player. He scored 20 goals last year, more than any of Liverpool's strikers. Liverpool was known for its offensive production last season, and by that I mean the lack of. Adding Dempsey, a winger/attacking midfielder/forward can only increase Liverpool's prevalence on the score sheet.

However, many have brought concerns about his age. At 29, he is on the wrong side of his career. He is either at his peak or just past it; it will be rare to see an improvement in his skill. However, this does not mean he won't be good.

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