Unique FC http://sett.com/uniquefc Draft Style Fantasy Football en-us Fri, 23 Mar 2018 11:30:10 +0000 http://sett.com Sett RSS Generator Operation 'Enforced Player Trades' Active http://sett.com/uniquefc/operation-enforced-player-trades-active Continuing on from the previous article, and following some discussions with the league members, we've decided to go ahead and adopt the player trading system starting from next month. Overall, this is extremely exciting! I think it will really spice up the league and we]]>

Continuing on from the previous article, and following some discussions with the league members, we've decided to go ahead and adopt the player trading system starting from next month. Overall, this is extremely exciting! I think it will really spice up the league and we're looking forward to it.

On a personal note, there is an element of devastation in this. Why? Because it means that my Sanchez propelled monster of a team is likely to lose... well... Alexis Sanchez! :(

As things are shaping up, I would have to self sabotage myself in order to finish in the lower half of the January table, thereby allowing me to choose the player position being traded, in order to avoid losing my star midfield men (yes, plural, because sitting next to Sanchez I have somehow managed to lineup Hazard, Tadic, Ozil, Boyd).

No, I am not quite sure how I was allowed to accumulate such a collection of midfielders either! For the full history of how the initial draft went down and the trades that have taken place since then, you can view the spreadsheet here.*

Not to worry though. There are silver lining. Bony's transfer to City means that I will have a premium City attacker once he is back from the AFCON. If he gets playing time, I can see him smashing the goals in at a rapid-fire rate.

*In fact, for anyone wanting to follow the spreadsheet or make a copy and use it for themselves, I may put a permanent link up on the header bar, along with a link to the league table. Feel free to comment and berate as you please :p

* * * * * *

Top picture courtesy of The Times.

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Gameweek 22 Post Mortem http://sett.com/uniquefc/gameweek-22-post-mortem3 Gameweek 22 came to a close after a bore 0-0 draw between West Brom and Everton. Not that I'm going to complain with autosub Wisdom coming in to bolster my points tally by 6 points. How did the league shape up? Main League: ]]>

Gameweek 22 came to a close after a bore 0-0 draw between West Brom and Everton. Not that I'm going to complain with autosub Wisdom coming in to bolster my points tally by 6 points. How did the league shape up?

Main League:

Not really much to say here. Actually, I would say that Nish and the rest should just give this one up as a lost cause, but this is not true. If you read my last article, we're considering enforced trades which has the capacity to turn the league upside down. More info on that in the coming days.

Head to Head:

Nishit's Dodger's stayed 3 points ahead of my Sprezzature, but it was oh so close! Beating out Ravi's Uganda! by a single point. It was an interesting accumulation of points by those two. Nishit relied heavily on Captain Costa to get him a massive 32 points while Ravi, other than standout man Santi Cazorla, had plenty of guys who pulled their weight (7 of his team pulled in between 5 and 7 points). Ultimately though, Kompany and Mata laying a couple of eggs was enough to give Nishit victory (and by extension, leave me chasing him still).

Not much contest elsewhere. 'Falcao save me FC' relying on a 9 point difference (no thanks to Falcao, thank you very much) to get past 'Drafting...' (somebody needs to tell Rishi that the draft is complete and he can rename his team...).

* * * * * *

That's it for Gameweek 22. I've decided to release weekly 'hidden gem' players, which I'll begin doing this Thursday. Players that are not selected by anyone but might be in prime position to get their owner some points.

Till then.

* * * *

Picture is of my captain for the week Andy Carroll. Didn't expect the Swans to lose 5-0 but Hazard didn't do anything anyway so no biggie (courtesy of The Telegraph).

Note - I've linked our 2 leagues up on the main menu bar and, if requested, will link a copy of our spreadsheet as well (which you can feel free to duplicate and/or comment on).

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'Encouraging' Player Trades http://sett.com/uniquefc/player-trades As with previous draft style fantasy seasons we have had a season filled with very little movement of players between teams.

In order to remedy this, my cousin Nish came up with a suggestion: What if we implemented compulsory player trades? Each team must be required to make X number of player trades per month.

While I think Nish's suggestion may have something to do with Da Costa losing form and Welbeck not living up to expectations, I think it's an interesting suggestion. While my immediate reaction was to think 'no way, you can't force trades, this will never work', it is an interesting suggestion. First, a couple of barriers to this approach:

  • Picking the right mechanism might be tricky.Player trades can be exciting... IF they involve the 'big' players. Cesc Fabregas moving teams is a lot more noteworthy than George Boyd getting poached by another team (that said, he's knocked in a few handy goals for me in recent times! I hope I haven't jinxed him)
  • Simply a requirement for a trade might be difficult. One of the biggest reasons that there is a lack of trades is that nobody ever feels that the other side is offering a fair deal.And well, that is often the case - like when Rishi tried to get Hazard off me in exchange for Nasri... Really?! On a related note, when we rebuild the UniqueFC engine, I intend on enabling points to be used as currency. I think this would be a good negotiating tool that can encourage transfers by acting as make-weights. So for the prior example, I could demand 100 points to give up Hazard for Nasri (if I am feeling generous!). Note - I categorically deny any suggestions that I wanted Nasri before Rishi snapped him up ;)
  • How would this be enforced? What would be the punishment for not fulfilling your obligatory trades? Chances are also fairly high, in my opinion that there would likely be a large number of fringe players moving back and forth just for the sake of doing the trade.

But, all that said, I think it is a fantastic idea in essence. Whether it is successful in making draft leagues more exciting would come down to the player execution. My suggested formula:

  1. One forced trade per month - this is, of course, the whole point of the system.
  2. Each team in the league is matched with another, at the end of each month, to make the trade with. The match is made based on the points tally from the past month. So the team that scored the most points the previous month can be paired with the team that scored the least - The idea is that the team with the most points will have on-form or better players and doing a trade with the team at the bottom will allow the lower ranked team a chance to make up some ground. Note - For leagues with an odd number of teams, the middle ranking one will miss out.
  3. The position traded must be the same. E.g. - Midfielder for midfielder - This is primarily to make the trades straightforward, but it also has a tactical element behind it. See numbers 4 and 5.
  4. The biggest factor: The player to be traded is chosen by the opponent party - This ensures that the biggest players will be moving ensuring the make up of the squads can be very different from month to month.
  5. The tactical element, based on rule 3 and 4, would be to avoid choosing the position you are strong at - E.g If I have a particularly strong midfield (e.g. I have Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez in my draft squads) it would be silly for me to target an opponent's midfield because I will, inevitably, lose a prime midfielder in exchange for an inferior one.
  6. The position to be traded is decided by the lower ranked team in the trade - This is up for debate. On the one hand, the enforced player trade achieves its primary purpose of generating transfers regardless of who gets to pick which position is traded, however, giving the lower ranked team the decision means that they have a better chance of bridging the gap and ultimately, tighter leagues are more competitive and more fun.

The overall prospect of losing a key player to a rival and seeing his points be used against you is quite interesting and I think worth exploring. On the flip side, stealing an opponents key player to bridge the gap against him is fantastic!

I think this is definitely an idea worth exploring. Any suggestions on how to improve on the concept?

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Fantasy Face-off: Tadic + Bony VS Any Crap Striker + Fabregas/Sterling/Ozil/Sigurdsson/Di Maria - Who wins? http://sett.com/uniquefc/fantasy-face-off-tadic-bony-vs-any-crap-striker-fabregas-sterling-ozil-sigurdsson-di-maria-who-wins Right after we completed our draft, I wanted to make a trade. A few reasons for this:

  1. Just to kick-start the player trading business. I've found that we tend to get attached to players that we have drafted in, almost irrationally so - this tends to stifle trades throughout the season and I wanted an early catalyst to make sure this didn't happen. I felt the trade would go through because...
  2. I genuinely felt I was offering up a deal that was a no-brainer for the other side. Why would I do this? That brings us to number 3...
  3. I had an ace up my sleeve, that would turn the deal I was offering, in my favour (by my genius-level fantasy foresight :/)

So what was the deal on offer?

I was offering Tadic (in the very unlikely chance that you haven't heard of him, he is Southampton's creative replacement for Adam Lallana) and Bony (Swansea's main man up front). In return, I was willing to take any striker that the trading party didn't want as long as I got a high-end midfielder in return.

As anyone who plays draft style premiership fantasy knows, strikers are a prized commodity. They get snapped up quickly, and with so many teams adopting a one-striker policy, there aren't that many options around. By the time that everyone is picking their third striker, pickings are few and often, you are happy to simply get a striker that gets regular minutes with some sort of chance of scoring.

What was I thinking?!

Well, the midfielder shortlis I had put up on offer would have allowed me (in theory) to upgrade my midfield (you'll notice that Sanchez and Hazard are not on the list because I had them drafted in already). But would the drop off in striker quality be worth that difference. On the surface, I think no (and the points earned so far since the deal was put on offer have reflected that). But that's where my secret weapon comes in.

Somehow, every player had overlooked one striker that I thought (and think) will do quite well over the season. He is unlikely to beat Bony's points total by the end, however, the difference would more than be made up for by the midfield upgrade:

Mame Biram Diouf - Looking threatening as the main man at Stoke (albeit slightly injury prone). He had just scored the winner against Manchester City not long before the draft so I was surprised that he had been overlooked!

My aim was to take the midfield upgrade and not take the striker offered to me (but I couldn't simply say that because then my clever rivals would have figured out what I was upto).

When all was said and done, however, nobody took the deal. A combination of being attached to their drafted players and thinking something was up meant it didn't happen. To try and sweeten the deal - I even made an offer: I would dock myself the equivalent points difference if my pair on offer scored less over the season than the pair I was getting! Still no go!

But it's worked out so far. Other than Fabregas, Tadic has more or less kept pace with all the other midfielders I was after and shows no signs of slowing down.

So, would you have taken the deal on offer? And which side of the equation will win out in terms of total points by the end of the season?

Twitter: @uniqfc

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Sat, 29 Nov 2014 03:24:07 +0000 http://sett.com/uniquefc/fantasy-face-off-tadic-bony-vs-any-crap-striker-fabregas-sterling-ozil-sigurdsson-di-maria-who-wins
Transfer window shuts, UniqueFC draft league 2014/15 kicking off! http://sett.com/uniquefc/transfer-window-shuts-uniquefc-draft-league-2014-15-kicking-off The transfer window shut after a busy (mad!) day of transfers... Falcao to United? Seriously??

Anyway, the window shutting was the cue for my friends' and cousins' draft style fantasy league to get rolling. Considering we're not running the official UniqueFC game this season, we had to find an alternative platform to run this.

After much deliberation and research (going through a tonne of draft style fantasy football sites that have sprung up since we launched), I have decided to set my league for the upcoming season on... wait for it... a spreadsheet! Honestly, nothing out there right now quite hits the spot in terms of setting up a good draft style fantasy league. Not that the spreadsheet method is perfect (in conjunction with the official site), but it has the least number of drawbacks.

So, I'll update the blog with a copy of the spreadsheet we are using. It has some added functionality when compared to our prehistoric spreadsheets of yesteryear and anyone else who wishes to use the template spreadsheet - feel free to do so!

A couple of new spreadsheet features (which should make this vastly better than our previous spreadsheet attempt):

  1. Imported player list (so you pick from a dropdown as opposed to typing which can - and always does - lead to errors and duplication). This is also faster.
  2. Functions build in by a couple of spreadsheet gurus so that player duplication does not occur

Stay tuned!

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UniqueFC Next Season http://sett.com/uniquefc/uniquefc-next-season So after much deliberation and personal financial examination, we've decided not to go ahead with UniqueFC next season :(

The data costs are just too high and it is out of our range at the moment. That said, we will re-examine again next season and hopefully run a kickstarter/crowdfunding campaign to see if we can do a few things from it:

1 - Improve UniqueFC even further (perhaps with the addition of mobile apps

2 - Get more uniqueFC users on board

3 - If we can find a suitable medium, turn UniqueFC into a 'people-owned' site so that everyone who contributes owns a part of it!

That's just some ideas I have at the moment and we'll see how things go. We will keep everyone updated!

Thanks for all the interest and support!


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Thu, 31 Jul 2014 08:22:41 +0000 http://sett.com/uniquefc/uniquefc-next-season
What is happening with UniqueFC going into next season? http://sett.com/uniquefc/what-is-happening-with-uniquefc-going-into-next-season Hi guys,

We just got back from the world cup in Brazil, which has been an absolutely fantastic experience! Football culture is alive and well and one of the best in the world and we're glad to be a part of it.

A frequently asked question while I was there (both on this blog and outside) was what our plans are going into next season. So rather than continually giving the same reply over and over I thought I would just post it here.

As long time followers will know, last season was when we started development and launched. It took until a few months Into the season until we were ready to go but I'm happy to say that everything is in order now, and if we do go ahead, we can all jump in from the very beginning! As of right now, however, we are not 100% sure we will be going into next season. Here's a quick rundown of the main factors that we are looking at:

  • Running the site is extremely expensive and we do it out of our own pockets. I'm negotiating with the stats providers and hustling with my finances to see if we can keep it going for next season, but it is up in the air at the moment.
  • Related to the above, I am not sure on whether it is worthwhile continuing with the site. As recent comments have shown, there are a couple of other players that have joined the game over the last few months. Draft style fantasy football is a passion of mine and was our gift to fantasy football (because at the time, I could not find anything out there!). While I still believe that there are some nuances and parts that we have implemented onto UniqueFC that trumps every other draft site out there (including non-football ones e.g. American football), I am not sure they justify the expenses of the site if there are alternatives out there.

So, going forward, we are not 100% sure we will go ahead next season. We'll see how the negotiations with the stats provider goes. In the meantime we will research some of the sites that have popped up and see if any of the sites are up to scratch!

We'll keep you updated!

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Sat, 19 Jul 2014 05:22:38 +0000 http://sett.com/uniquefc/what-is-happening-with-uniquefc-going-into-next-season
The Drafting Process http://sett.com/uniquefc/uid/107117 2) Either join an existing league, join a random league or create your own new league as shown in the image below. 3) Invite friends either via ]]> 1) First up, go to www.uniquefc.com, and register as shown in the image below.

2) Either join an existing league, join a random league or create your own new league as shown in the image below.

3) Invite friends either via email or by proving them the league code as shown in the image below.

4) Here, you control the draft as an admin. You can edit the draft start date & time, start draft ahead of schedule and/or skip users that are being the odd lazy pig. But before anything, you need to create a team as well as the other league members once they join the league as shown below in the image.

5) This image shows a typical round. Remaining round time can be seen and the functionality of the priority league is explained. You can also bring in players manually but to do this you have to log in to your account during your turn. The priority league is an easy, stress-free (so to say if you're the scout) mechanism available for use.

6) Once the draft is complete, all the different functionalities are explained here i.e making transfers, selecting your team before a gameweek, rules and where the league standing by points can be viewed.

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Rules of Uniquefc.com http://sett.com/uniquefc/rules-of-uniquefccom Here is a quick rundown of the rules of uniquefc.com - For the most part it is quite similar to the official game at fantasy.premierleague.com so fantasy football veterans will pick it up straight away:

League and team structure:

  1. Each league will consist of a maximum of 10 teams - This limit is necessary in order to ensure that the 'good' players don't get spread too thin.
  2. The first player from a league to set-up a league will be the league admin. The league admin is in charge of setting the draft time, and overseeing the draft process. This involves setting the time limit that each player has to make a selection and skipping turns of players who take too long.
  3. A league code will be generated upon creating a league. This league code can be shared and used by other players in order to join the league.
  4. A league will remain open to join until the drafting procedure begins.
  5. Each squad will be made up of 15 players: 2 Goalkeepers, 5 Defenders, 5 Midfielders, 3 Forwards.
  6. Each midfielder in the game is classified either as a Defensive Midfielder (DM) or an Attacking Midfielder (AM). Their classification will impact on how they score points. There is no restriction on the number of AMs or DMs that a squad may have (all 5 midfielders can be AMs or DMs or a mix of the two).
  7. Drafting will begin at a time decided by the league admin.
  8. Order of selection: The league admin will be the first to choose a player, followed by all other players in the order they joined the league. To make it fair, the order of selection is reversed every round (the 'snake draft' method) so that the previous round's first picker selects last in the next round and vice versa.
  9. You may populate your priority queue to make the selection process faster. This enables you to feed your preferred players, in order of priority, into uniquefc.com, allowing the system to make a selection for you based on your preferences. This saves you from having to manually log in every time it is your turn and greatly speeds up the drafting process.
  10. There is no limit to how many players you can populate your priority queue with. Players in your priority queue are not visible to other league members. If a player in your priority queue gets chosen by someone else, that player will be removed from your priority queue in accordance with the main concept of this game.
  11. Drafting will continue until all 15 rounds are complete. Any skipped turns can be completed at that point on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  12. Points are scored as per the table below:

  13. A minimum of 3 defenders must play each week

  14. Auto-substitutions will occur in order of priority on the bench for players that play zero minutes.

  15. Transfers are unlimited and take effect the upcoming gameweek provided the gameweek deadline is kept. The gameweek deadline is one hour prior to kickoff of the first game of the week.

  16. Full breakdown of how player trading works will follow soon.

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Live and Ready! http://sett.com/uniquefc/live-and-ready So, after a countless number of delays (our apologies for that), we are ready to go! We are already 8 gameweeks into the season, which is not ideal, but the game should still be immensely fun - and for myself personally, it is a ready made excuse for my appalling perform]]>

So, after a countless number of delays (our apologies for that), we are ready to go!

We are already 8 gameweeks into the season, which is not ideal, but the game should still be immensely fun - and for myself personally, it is a ready made excuse for my appalling performance in the official game: "I'm focusing on draft style fantasy football this year..."

Stay tuned for a series of explanatory posts regarding how some of the features in the site work, although for the most part they are intuitive and easy to use.

My top tip for those reading this (for what my fantasy knowledge is worth): Prioritize Yaya Toure and Aaron Ramsey very highly. As part of midfield double pivots, both have been classified as DM's, they get more points than AMs and FWDs for goals, get more points for clean sheets and score points for tackles they put in as well.

* * * * * *

Note - Photo courtesy of quickmeme.com

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Fri, 25 Oct 2013 05:09:21 +0000 http://sett.com/uniquefc/live-and-ready