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Playing draft style fantasy football with a spreadsheet

Okay, so as asked by a couple of people, how were we playing this using spreadsheets before? Well, I'll outline the process here, while trying to find a balance between keeping it short and sweet and still providing enough detail.

1. Use Google Docs!

It's free, and it allows everyone to connect at the same time. Also, as it's in the cloud, it is always up to date. You can look back at past revisions if necessary and is the ideal tool (short of a fully dedicated site) to play fantasy football in this way. Sample: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiNH-JHpkhe8dFVVX2RiaDNyNUdZTFdieHliaUtUemc&usp=sharing

2. Decide between doing the entire game manually vs using an existing salary cap based fantasy game

Personally, none of our group could be bothered going through the hassle of creating a point scoring system, updating each player's scores manually, keeping track of transfers/team sheets and scoring the entire game manually which is why we went with the second option.

What Should the Red Sox Do With the Rest of 2014?

On Boston Sports Daily

On Monday, the Red Sox sent down Jackie Bradley Jr. and called up their #1 prospect Mookie Betts. The move begged the question – what should the Red Sox do with the rest of their season? Obviously the Sox are done for 2014 playoff wise, but they still have a lot to work on in terms of 2015. No, they can’t sign big name free agents and a trade resembling that of the 2012 blowup is extremely unlikely, but they still have the power to make moves to improve.

The call-up of Betts is a good start to what could be a defining month and a half for the team. He has yet to prove himself offensively and unlike Bradley Jr., he has yet to find a permanent home in the field. He came through the minor leagues as an infielder and only recently shifted to the outfield because of the logjam at the MLB level.

With third baseman Will Middlebrooks sustaining yet another injury in last night’s game, the possibility of rookie Garin Cecchini getting called up is becoming likely. Cecchini, a 2010 4th round draft pick, made his major league debut earlier this season going 1-2 with an RBI double, yet was immediately sent down afterward. He has yet to be called back up but with September looming, the young third baseman could definitely use some playing time.

With the release of AJ Pierzysnki and the injury of David Ross, the catching position has opened up its doors to the up and coming prospects that seem to have always been in the Red Sox system. We’re getting a glimpse at what rookie Christian Vazquez can do, and by the end of the season we just may see Ryan Lavarnway up with the big league club as well. Vazquez has made a huge impact defensively, throwing out 6 of 14 stolen base attempts. He has an absolute cannon for an arm behind the plate and really let it fly when he threw out speed demon Houston Astro Jose Altuve over the weekend. The kid is no joke, and if he can hit at a reasonable clip then he could find himself on the major league roster in a full-time role.

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