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Rules of Uniquefc.com

Here is a quick rundown of the rules of uniquefc.com - For the most part it is quite similar to the official game at fantasy.premierleague.com so fantasy football veterans will pick it up straight away:

League and team structure:

A minimum of 3 defenders must play each week

Younger. Faster. Fearless.

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Around a week ago, my hometown Houston Rockets were eliminated from the NBA Playoffs. They lost Game 6 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a tough loss to handle, but I have never seen so much optimism from the players and fans. It's a new age of Rockets basketball: younger, faster, fearless.

It was an interesting season to put it shortly. First of all, I couldn't watch the games. Someone decided that the games should be moved to CSN Houston, which is available to less than half of Houston. And yes, I'm part of the majority that does not have access to it.

Logistics aside, the basketball itself was amazing (not that I would really know except for a few nationally televised games). During the offseason, Daryl Morey picked up Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik as well as some other lesser known signings. But, the acquisition that trumped all, was the trade that Morey somehow pulled off to get James Harden to spearhead the team.

And oh did he start off with a bang. The first game he scored 37 points and the second 45. Obviously this trend did not occur the whole season, but he ended up with scoring just under 26 points per game. His "Wins Produced" total was 13.5 wins, best among shooting guards and fourth best among all players. He has become an icon throughout Houston and everyone is counting on him to lead us to glory.

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