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The Community Section and Quick Update

The UniqueFC.com Blog community section:

With the football just around the corner, I think it is a good time to highlight our community posting feature on this blog. As some of you may know, pretty much anyone can post an article on here and start a discussion. This blog is essentially a fusion between a blog and a forum and this intertwined functionality is one of the reasons we decided to use Sett.com as a blogging platform provider.

The major reason for this is that we envision each league started up on uniquefc.com to have its own discussion thread where deals can be struck, banter can be exchanged and bold claims of greatness can be made. Who doesn't want to be this smug with their mates?

But gloating purposes aside, the community section can be used for any of our readers to post their own article or start their own discussion. I would love it if one of you gave it a try. A few quick topics off the top of my head: Will a massively strengthened Spurs still find a way to bottle this season? Who are the favourites for the title so far? Maybe even a general discussion on your club of choice..

Deconstructing AngelList: How to Optimize Your Funding Profile

On DROdio

AngelList is a platform that connects entrepreneurs to angel investors to raise seed stage capital.

Out of the $1.5 million dollars in angel funding we've raised for Socialize, over $1 million came from introductions made on AngelList.  We were very early AngelList users under our AppMakr brand, with Brendan Baker doing a detailed analysis of our use of AngelList in his Anatomy of a Seed project.  I also wrote a lengthy manifesto about our fundraising experience, and when AngelList was very new I interviewed Naval Ravikant, one of the AngelList founders.

Recently, using AngelList has changed the way I've been fundraising.  Where traditionally, I've had to dedicate a block of time to fundraise full time, I can now fundraise passively, meaning just by focusing on having an optimized AngelList presence and a few specific techniques, I don't have to spend blocks of my time finding high quality angels.  That is a game changer for us -- fundraising is an incredibly distracting process, and it's especially hard to innovate and iterate on your startup when you're distracted by bolstering the company's bank account.  Being able to have angels come to me has given me a freedom as an entrepreneur that's just fantastic.

As I was talking to my friend Ben Young, CEO of Nexercise, about this sea-change in fundraising, I offered to critique his AngelList page to help him optimize it for this type of inbound passive investment.

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