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Maintaing your bike properly from the time you fall in love with it - Part 1

This is it. This is the one where I take proper care of my bicycle, clean it down every time I take it out for a ride, do proper maintenance on it, and treat it like the princess it is.

These are the words that we have all said when we buy our first bike, and nothing will come between us; except laziness and procrastination.

However, when you have a new bike, let's discuss some of the most important things a cyclist should look after when he buys a new bike whether that is through their local bike shop or an online bicycle store.

There is an abundance of bicycle parts and cycling accessories available to address the problems you'll face cycling on the road or trail. If you're like most cyclists, you'll certainly want for the necessities, and a few toys that catch your eye. Some cyclists are satisfied with very little equipment, while others want only the best, and a lot of it. Either type of cyclist is served well at Alimay Sports which supports a balanced approach to cycling with a range of quality bicycle accessories, bicycle parts and bike components. Since Alimay Sports is an online bicycle store, we are here 365 days a year to help cyclists get the best bicycle products available in the UK.

when the water rises

On grow

A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me what the bible says about pride. I never responded, but I came across that email a couple of days ago and it gave me pause. I think pride is another one of those words that we think we know, and we use a lot to describe one of two things:

Pride isn't a bad thing when it's a little league team coming back from a tournament, representing their hometown. It's not a bad thing when our children win a competition or earn good grades. It's not bad when we're honoring our ethnic roots or alma mater.

But pride is bad when it's someone else. We use it to describe people who aren't open to our perspectives. We use it to identify people who are more successful than us. We use it to project our own sense of unworthiness. We use the word to make ourselves feel better, to delegitimize others because we don't feel legitimate.

And I guess...that's a form of pride, too. Because calling someone else prideful means we're saying we're not. We're suggesting that we're humble in comparison. It's possible to be proud of our humility.

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