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Winter Aboard

"Aren't you cold?"

If there is one question I am asked more than any other, this is it - by a mile. Even when I took a break from writing this to meet some friends out at the local pub, I got a "must be chilly, no?" To the uninitiated, sure, I can see where this would come from. We tend to stay away from the oceans and rivers during the winter months; it's windy, cold, icy and snowy after all. This is my second year living aboard, so I've learned a few tricks :)

Everything is a little more difficult during the winter months. Water is a challenge because sources are shut off to avoid freezing the lines. Diesel fuel has to be added by jerry can every week to power the Dickinson diesel stove. Clothes tend to pile up everywhere as you are just wearing more layers.

Why a Rialta? - Moving from an Excessive Lifestyle to One of a Minimalist

On On the Road to Find Out

That was me circa 1990 right after I graduated from the University of Colorado. My focus was to get "On the Road to Find Out" and decide if not what I wanted to do with my life when I grow up, where I wanted to settle down at least. Purchased a 1976 VW Westfalia pop-up with the idea that the window in my life I was currently in was a fleeting one and if I was ever to go on this wild adventure this was my one opportunity to do so. I had no immediate need to work, a few thousand in savings, two empty credit cards to get in serious financial trouble with, and plenty of time yet until I entered "the real world"... saddled by the monthly mortgage payment, meager paychecks that would leave me with more month than money, and all that comes along with a wife, children and raising a family.

My original plan was to leave Boulder and take a figure eight journey around the country, traveling as far North as Quebec, the French Gaspé, Turtle Island and Vancouver, and as far South as Key West, Pony Island and Baja California. I planned on following every inch of the US coastlines that I could, seeking out as many new adventures and experiences as possible. The estimated time table the trip would require was approximately 2 months to complete from start to finish, with many different family members and friends to stop in and visit along the way.

As one of my favorite quotes from John Lennon goes - "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans."

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