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Day 1: Warren, RI - Newport, RI

As the day of departure arrived, it was just as eventful as the days preceding this trip to Maine. Getting the boat prepared, and the man prepared, was as every bit as challenging of a task that I thought it would be. And then some.

Jason was due to depart this same morning in his Eastward Ho "Low Compression" which interestingly enough, he had found years ago in a field with a tree growing out of it after having sunk. Amazingly to his credit, he had managed to rebuild it into a go-anywhere boat. He had made this trip last year, and like me was scrambling to finish all of his projects before doing it again.

Now, Jason usually wakes up around 4:30-5:00am, so when 9:00 came and went on the morning of the trip, I knew something was up. Sure enough he was asked the night before to deliver a big Freedom yacht from Cove Haven in Barrington to the Warren River. This took a few hours and added to the pit surely growing in both of our stomachs. You see it was already July 29th, and since we had intended on leaving around the 10th; we were anxious to get going. Boat projects and delays had set us back and I think we both got a little tired of trying to answer the question "so when you leaving?"

Finally, about 11:30am the diesels grumbled to life, and we headed out of the Warren River, a place that had become home.

55. Getting By

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Under the old bridge lived Grandfather Pocus. Nobody knew his real name, and those who did were buried ages ago in the Old Cemetery. Fish from the dying river and occasional handouts thrown over the bridge. The old man was still going strong. He had a net spread out so nothing would float downstream. As kids, we thought he would be the perfect target for pebbles. But he just laughed it off, and in time we became good friends. People passing through town stopped to click photographs with Grandfather Pocus. His beard reached his knees and his eyes were like a cloudless, starry night.

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