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Days 4-5: Scituate, MA - Gloucester, MA - Annisquam River

After a good nights rest in Scituate, the next leg would be a much shorter 20 mile run due north to the historic fishing port of Gloucester, MA. Getting to Gloucester, and then through the Annisquam River with it's current, tight turns and low bridges was always a sort of watershed goal that was present since we had left Warren. From here it would only be one more long run into Maine.

I left around noontime, to catch the fair tide into Gloucester Harbor, and finally it would seem that the wind REALLY came up! I pulled out of the harbor and pointed the bow 0 degrees true north, the fresh breeze putting me on a broad reach where I sped along in flat seas at 6+ knots touching 7.2- nicely making way. Just a few days later in these same waters off of Scituate I read that a ferry bound for Provincetown had been hit by a twenty foot rogue wave and got roughed up pretty good. Today fortunately was not that day, as we pushed north.

Now, you'll hear me use "we" quite a bit, and just to be clear even though it's just me on board, this boat and I are in it together, real thick like thieves. When things are going great like this and we are flying along I know she's having just as much fun as I am, and when things get rough I'll say things to her like "c'mon now, this is what you were made for!" and she always pulls through in fine style, knifing through swells like nobody's business.

Since this leg would largely be about 15 miles offshore in a couple of hundred feet of water, leaving nothing (hopefully) to run into, the main task of the day would be crossing the Boston shipping lanes, which are very busy. About 2 hours in, I spotted a large freighter making it's way to Boston from the east. I took a bearing and monitored it over the next 40 minutes. I concluded that it would be reasonably close but at the speed I was making we would pass safely. You don't want to play chicken with these boys, and since they are a working vessel it's up to me to stay out of the way. We passed through without incident, but close enough to get a good look at her massive size. I continued north, towards my target until I arrived just outside the breakwater. By this point in the late afternoon, there were some squalls rolling through which left some decent size rollers in the bay. This made dropping the mainsail quite challenging - you've always got to make sure you are holding on to something! For particularly snotty weather I also carry a safety harness that I can clip in for added security.

72 Hour Fast - Part 3

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

71 hours, 58 minutes into my 72 hour fast: I sat at the dinner table, my plate of food steaming in front of me. I didn't know how my stomach would take food, so I decided to start with small, easy to digest foods: Olives, raisins, grapes, assorted nuts, steamed broccoli and some salsa for dipping. I had some chicken prepared and ready to go on the grill, but I was going to give that another hour or so.

Sitting in my chair, I leaned over and inhaled deeply. When you don't eat for a long period of time, your sense of smell intensifies. I had gone to a grocery store earlier that day, and it was intoxicating. Walking into the store was like walking into a brick wall. I was inundated with smell, I just stopped and stood in the entrance, eyes closed, taking it all in. Charlie did the shopping, and I just ran from display to display, leaning over and inhaling deep.

I had two minutes left in my fast, and I spent it with my eyes closed, lost in smell. My phone hit midnight, and I began to eat. I was unsure how my stomach would accept food, so I wanted to take it slow. I ate my dinner nut by nut, raisin by raisin, olive by olive. It took me about an hour to finish my plate, but I enjoyed every bite of food to its fullest. I'd let the grapes sit in my mouth for up to a full minute, absorbing the taste, before biting just enough to let the juice leak out into my mouth. I'd finish cleaving the grape in half, and let the two halves wander around my mouth, saturating my taste buds with flavor. The broccoli dissolved in my mouth, and when ever something was dipped in the salsa my tongue was overwhelmed by the sensation. As I neared the end of my dinner, I grilled a chicken breast. I cleaned my plate of the first course just as the chicken finished, and I probably spent thirty minutes on the single filleted breast of chicken.

I learned a lot from my fast, but not all of it I can put into words. A good deal of it was just learning more about my body, becoming closer and more in tune with it.

The first and most obvious thing I learned was that I can go three days with only water without radically modifying my daily schedule. I led and participated in a parkour conditioning session, I juggled, I biked to and from campus several times, and I led a Taekwondo class. I got an average amount of sleep each night and only took one nap.

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