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The Past Three Months - Weight loss, Diet, etc.

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Sorry for the early and sudden disappearance. I was having site issues with Sett and was too busy and productive at the time to deal with them. But I'm back!So for three months I have been:

taking phentermine every morninggetting b-12 shots every weekeating a low gluten, low sugar, high protein diet with small portionsprotein snacks between breakfast/lunch and lunch/dinnerdrinking tons and tons of watergetting at least 30 mins to an hour of intense cardio a dayDoing a mixture of core, arm, chest and leg exercises each day (differs depending on the day) with light dumbells or just on the floor stuffDoing a lot of outdoor work such as landscaping, gardening and crop plantingand taking vitamin D, fish oil and a multivitamin every afternoon with lunch.

I'll delve into specifics about these later, but the results so far have been pretty stellar.

As far as how it makes me feel, the biggest things I've noticed are improved mental clarity, better memory, easier (and deeper) sleep and MOST OF ALL.. increased energy.At first the energy was erratic, almost hyperactive. However, after a couple of weeks it dulled down to a healthy willingness to move around and get things done. This is what I imagine most people feel like on a normal day, but for me it's new and very eye opening.The downside? Mood swings. Yeah, should have seen this one coming. When I was in middle school I had a terrible experience with an ignorant doctor who prescribed me Prozac. At 12 years old. Those of you who are familiar with the infamous drug know what it can be like. I recently had a similar experience on the phentermine. It took my friends telling me that I was acting insane to finally try and half my dosage. Thankfully, it worked and I could suddenly see the irrationality of my own actions. Being in a state where you are unable to turn an eye inward and see your own actions is the worst place to be. Since then, I have been taking half a pill with no loss in physical benefits and no additional shitty behavior. So far that's the only con of that sort that I've encountered and it was easily remedied once I acknowledged it.My looks and body have been effected as well. My skin has always been clear and I've never had an acne problem. When I started to do this routine, I was pleased to find that my skin got even better! It was almost like my skin became..more solid. Like my pores were smaller. My cheeks were continuously flushed. My lips, always very red. It was like the blood was flowing more all over my body. I looked healthier.. Theeeen the acne came with a vengeance. The worst acne I've ever had. Keep in mind, for me that's still only 3-5 pimples. Maybe a small cluster by my hairline. But with my alabaster skin it might as well have been psoriasis of the face. Even now, my skin goes through extended cycles of the best and the worst skin. I've talked to my doctor, and she assured me that it's another product of the phentermine and that it could be easily remedied with over the counter acne medication. Though personally, as long as it's caused by the phentermine and therefore temporary, I can deal with it for now. (Yay, coverup!) In addition to skin, my hair has become thicker, less prone to greasiness. Even my eyes have changed. My limbal rings (the dark outline of your iris) has become thicker and darker. A sign of good health as well as beauty!And of course, I've lost a good bit of weight! 35 lbs to be exact. According to the local health clinic, a grand majority of it has been pure fat as well! I know I have gained some muscle as well because my stomach feels firmer and my legs are tighter. For the first time in my life, I have a tiny vertical line peaking through the fat layer of my belly. Looking at it in the mirror is so motivational it causes an almost Kanye West level of self-pride. I catch myself often placing the palm of my hand on my upper stomach just to feel the new hardness underneath.

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