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How to Get Her Phone Number

Hey guys, it’s Todd.

Today’s topic is: How to Get Her Phone Number.

Well, obviously the first step is to have a good interaction with the girl. It sounds like common sense right? It’s pretty basic- the better the interaction with the girl goes, the more likely she is to give you her number. In fact, if you run a really good interaction, ideally, if time permits you to get to know her and talk for a bit, she should be the one asking for your number, or at least suggesting that you take hers (however, this doesn’t happen a lot of the time).

So what does that mean? Well, you need to ask for the number at some point. *Note: JUST ASK. Let me repeat that for you. JUST ASK. I used to be in sales, and what I found interesting is that most of my coworkers would fail simply because they would never simply ask for the order. There’s even a statistic I remember reading that says that something like 80% of sales calls end without the caller ever even asking the potential buyer to make an order. Don’t be that guy.

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I did not write this. But it changed my life. It's about social interaction, for the socially retarded. Like me. Like other aspies I suppose.

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