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Nipple pain

Some women experience breast pain when pregnant. During my first pregnancy my boobs wore so sore. Any pressure on them was agony and forget about direct water spray from the shower. Ouch! My second pregnancy wasn't so bad. I had breast feeding aversion but was able to nurse through it. There was some nipple pain but not enough to wean Chase. This time around, the nipple pain is so intense I am frantically looking for other reasons and possible solutions.

Thrush is the first ailment that comes to mind. Yes, my nipples are slightly pink and raw looking and yes, there are white spots on them. I started treating with apple cider vinegar rinse and anti-fungal cream. The two home remedies I have in the house. Grape seed extract is on order. Can't wait to try and see if I do have a bit of a yeast imbalance. The rinse and cream has helped so far. Also washing/drying my clothes on the hottest setting with a bit of apple cider vinegar in the wash helped.

Even after all this pain, I have nursed Desmond twice in the past week. Oh my god I cannot tell you the excruciating pain that I felt. However, the pain seemed to subside the longer he suckled. It still was about a 7/10 on the breastfeeding pain scale. But it was enough for me to remember how much I loved nursing. Looking at him suckle and snuggle against me, he looked so comforted and content. A million hugs couldn't equal what nursing is for my kiddos. I'm going to miss this so much when it is over. Thank god I'm having another baby! I get to nurse a little one all over again :)

Shutting Down

On Sense and Sensitivity

I had a seizure last Thursday and I've been in recovery mode for the past few days. What helps most is getting a solid night's rest. I noticed that I haven't been getting enough of those lately and not just because I'm a new mom, but also because I was choosing to have "me" time after everyone was asleep. I wouldn't get into bed until well after midnight and then everything's thrown off with my little one's night nursing and then having to wake up fairly early.

I took a queue from Lilnor recently. Hubby and I have been doing a bedtime routine with her. He reads her a story and prays with her. Then I come in to nurse her, sing to her, om to her (crazy, right?) and then rock her to sleep. She either goes right to sleep or plays a little in her crib until she tuckers out. I figured if she needs a routine, maybe I do, too.

I've slept well recently after doing a couple things:

Other things that help during the day:

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