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Nighttime nursing doesn't disturb my sleep

Nursing at night is a common point of contention. I've read and heard so many comments about baby sleep patterns that are completely opposite of my experience, I wondered if the commenters even had kids. What were they doing that made their experience so much different than mine? Did I figure out the magic that allows me to sleep and feel rested without night weaning?

At first I didn't trust my experience because I only had one child. That's only one data point. Kids are so different. Sleep patterns can vary wildly from one child to another. Then I had my second kiddo. And that's when I started to feel like I was some weird phenomenon. I nursed two kids, at night, on demand, and still woke up most mornings feeling rested. What was I doing so differently?

This is about nursing at night, not just sleeping right? Yes. I've realized that my attitude around their sleep habits have allowed me to nurse at night, on demand, and get the sleep I need too. Because we cosleep and I don't freak out when they wake me up at night, I can nurse and fall asleep nursing like I was never awake. I rarely wake fully. My mind and body have come to expect the night nursing sessions and have adapted such that I can be available to them in a zombie like quasi sleep state. My mind is lucid enough to get a nipple to the right place, then I'm off to sleep again the next instant.

Sleeping in Pamplona

On Tynan

Todd's experience running with the bulls was a lot better than mine, so I'm going to let him dazzle you with that story.

The tradition in Pamplona is to sleep in the park, and then run with the bulls the next day. This is a convenient tradition because we didn't want to pay for hotels anyway.

We walked as far away from the festivities as possible, which go all the way until around 4am every night, and set up our awesome Luxury Lite cots in the park. We locked our bags shut and locked them to our cots. Sleeping was a bit cold since we don't actually have sleeping bags, but the Luxury Lite definitely keeps you comfortable.

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